Here is a Practical Men’s Dress Shirt Selection Guide

5 tips for men to choose a dress shirt.

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Dress shirt is believed to be a must-have item in every man’s wardrobe in the workplace. The white shirt you think can only be rigid and uninteresting? No, there are endless possibilities in it. An elegant white shirt with fine workmanship and generous tailoring can give a refined and elegant impression, and it can be used on countless occasions. How to choose a dress shirt with a good fit and tailoring, please read on.

01 Collar

2-piece Solid Color Suit & Dress Pants Business Office Set

Whether it is for business occasions or ordinary casual occasions, a white shirt can be worn alone or as an inner wear to match with a suit. It is the most classic and versatile. So the collar design is very important when choosing a textured shirt. Generally speaking, the lapel is the most iconic design of a white shirt. In the choice of collar, we had better choose the shape of the collar is fixed, not easy to collapse so that we can wear a tie.

02 Fabric

Standard Fit Single Breasted Plain Dress Suit

The fabric of a formal shirt largely determines the comfort of the shirt and how long we can wear it. It is correct to choose the highest quality fabric. After all, you are responsible for your skin. It is recommended that every boy buy at least one dress shirt made of high-quality fabrics. For formal occasions, dress shirts can give us a lot of extra points.

03 Tailoring

 Long Sleeve Buttoned Solid Dress Shirt

Compared with ordinary shirts, dress shirts have higher requirements for version tailoring. The cutting can be divided into classic cutting, full cutting, slim cutting and other cutting. Among them, self-cultivation is more suitable for the figure, the waist is thinner, the classic tailoring is looser, the hem is wider, and the hem is longer, which is more suitable for tall and obese people. According to your body shape, if you choose “Slim fit”, you can verify the fit of the shirt through the following key points: After fixing the top button, the gap between the collar and the neck should be able to accommodate the next finger and rotate the neck When the collar cannot follow the rotation, use this method to judge the fit of the shirt.

04 Sleeves

 Check Liner Pocket Decor Dress Shirt

Secondly, sleeves also play an important role in the entire shirt. The sleeve must have the appropriate size and length. After the cufflinks are fastened, the bent arms will not be taut, nor will they form fluff. The length of the sleeve should be exactly at the wrist. Wear a formal suit. When the hands droop naturally, the cuffs of the shirt should be slightly exposed at 1 cm of the cuffs. This is the most comfortable length. 

05 Matching

Lapel Neck Standard Fit Solid Suit Shirt

Matching dress shirts can make us look more fashionable. Men wearing dress shirts can refer to the following points:
●When wearing a shirt alone, you can unlock the first button on the front and roll the sleeve to the elbow. The appearance will immediately have new highlights, show the charm of a man, and look more capable and refreshing.
●When wearing a suit, try not to choose some peculiar colors. Pure color is the best choice. On some more formal business occasions, it will look more formal.
●You can choose some silver watches or bracelets to match, so as to avoid the boring feeling of a single product style and color.
● Choosing to match some dark trousers will be more suitable for work or to participate in important business occasions.
Simple matching details can make us more advanced overall and can help us create a feeling that looks good but cannot say what looks good. Simple and classic collocation is usually one of the most advanced collocations.

On every formal business occasion, dress shirts are essential items for men. Whether it is a tailor, fabric, or style, choosing a good shirt is very important. Never choose a shirt is a hassle, when you really need it, you don’t know how much help it can bring you. For more high-quality dress shirts, please go to the men’s dress shirts wholesale website to buy online. If you have more experience in choosing formal shirts, please share with us in the comments below. 

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