Highest Quality Rebar Tying Tool Performs Rebar Tying to The Highest Standard

In construction, having the right equipment can mean the difference between a poorly finished job and a high-quality result. In any job where reinforcement steel bars are involved, it pays to have a rebar tying tool that can accomplish the job to the best standards. It is innovative equipment that is specifically designed to make rebar tying easier and faster, while ensuring accuracy for the task. The highest-quality rebar tying equipment guarantees superior performance that can accomplish the job in under 1.0 second, with tighter tie tension and quick bar release.

Improve working conditions with a rebar tier

Tying reinforcement bars or rebar together can be back-breaking work that can put the worker’s health at risk down the line. Over time, workers could develop repetitive strain injuries on the joints and muscles on their hands, arms, and fingers,  as well as low back pain. All those problems may also result in more sick days and costly delays in finishing construction projects.

A rebar tying tool can help eliminate those problems. It can promote healthier and safer working conditions for everyone, so you can finish your projects on time and within the stipulated budget. With an ergonomic design and a lightweight body, the rebar tying tool can be comfortably handled without placing additional strain on the worker’s arms and hands. You can also request an electronic extension arm, so you won’t have to bend or reach to tie rebar.

Reliable throughout the day

A high-quality rebar tying tool is powered by 18V x 4.0Ah Li-ion batteries, which keep the equipment running long enough to accomplish more than 5000 ties per battery cycle – depending on the rebar tying tool. The tool is adjustable to meet specific needs, such as changing the number of wraps per tie. Tight ties are guaranteed with its slim arm. The rebar tying machine is recharged in just 90 minutes, thereby being quickly available for the next round of work.

For many applications

The rebar tying tool is versatile for a wide range of construction projects, such as concrete walls, foundations, floors, swimming pool walls, underfloor heating, retaining walls and precast products. It increases rebar tying production by more than five times, so you can accomplish the project faster.

 About the Author:RAPIDTOOL is Australia’s leading supplier of Rebar Tying Machines, Benders and Cutters. They are a privately owned global distributor of high-quality concreting tools, equipment and innovative concreting construction solutions to the world.