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How Can I Choose the Right Tiles? Ultimate Guide

Do you want to design your interior through tiles but are not sure what to pick? Well, if you love the process, you are just one step behind. The selection of tiles in a room makeover does not only represent skills and an analytical approach but also gives the idea of your asthmatic sense. The same room seems different by styling it with different kinds of tiles. 

Out of various types of titles that are available in the market, long metro tiles are a kind of versatile one. It gives a touch of vintage and classy as well as a modern look by changing the styling of tiles. Flat metro tiles give a casual feel while beveled shape tiles create beauty and modern style. 

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Tiles are categorized through colours, textures, design, materials, patterns, sizes and prices. Here is a guide for you to pick the right tiles. 

  •         On the first side, you have to decide the place for tiling. Whether it is the bathroom, kitchen, drawing-room, living room, indoor or outdoor setup. 
  •          The second thing to do is to know whether you need walls, floors or both to style through tiles. 

The rest of the planning depends on your taste, budget, esthetics etc…

Symmetry Is the Key 

Symmetry in the interior gives a satisfying experience. If your walls and floors are lacking in symmetry, the whole look will appear rough and lost. Design your interior in a way that everything enhances each other. If there is no symmetry, it will look like you just try to fill the spaces with every piece of tile you got from anywhere. 

Design, Texture and Pattern

Tiles come in variety so you have to choose according to the need, taste and place. The washroom needs different designs than the kitchen. Similarly, it’s not a good idea to use the same texture of tiles for walls and floors. You can use bevelled tiles on the walls but the floor needs smooth and flat tiles. 

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Patterns also play an important role. You can have small patterns for walls and large for floor or the same style of patterns for both but picking large for walls and small for the floor will ruin the look so be careful about that! 

Color Play 

Every colour possesses special psychology. Be a master of it when choosing the right tiles. White gives an elegant effect and gives a widened touch but also becomes dirty very easily. On the contrary, black has a classy look but your space seems congested with black as it cannot reflect light like white does. In my opinion, black can never be a good choice for floor tiles. 

Moreover, in the relaxed and informal setup, natural colours can also be used as green, orange, blue, yellow are refreshing shades. You can also go with grey, beige, stone colour shades. They all look good. 

Size Does Matter! 

Tiles come in different sizes. Mostly narrow, long and mate tiles look attractive on the walls. Long metro tiles could be one of the best ways to design a wall of your room. For the floor, I prefer large rectangular or square tiles as they make the place look wider. 8×8 size is a standard size for tiles but can be used according to the design and place. 

Quality cannot be compromised 

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On the basis of material, tiles are produced in different types such as ceramic, marble, granite, porcelain, glass, stone tiles etc. Pick tiles by focusing on durability and quality. For the floor, always go for stain-resistant and glossy tiles. You can select marble tiles or porcelain for the room’s floor but ceramic is a good idea for bathroom tiles. Glass tiles are water and stain-resistant but delicate. The width of the tiles also decides durability.

Mate and bevelled tiles are good for decorating your walls but kitchen walls should remain plain yet elegant. In general, stone tiles are considered more durable and long-lasting.  

Final Words

When you visit a market, you will find so many types. Some will be plain, curved, matte, glossy, flat, bevelled, small, large, printed etc. First of all, you must be clear about your mood. Prepare a mood board according to your taste. Then keep in mind all these things and select tiles for your esthetic designs.