How Can I Improve My Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction can strike any male in reproductive age from 18 to 65 years.  Experts do not agree that it is part of the ageing, but they do believe that some males hasten it due to indulgent lifestyle and wrong food habits.

Erectile dysfunction is the difficulty in getting and sustaining an erection. Several physical, emotional and psychological causes lead to erectile dysfunction in males. However, at the biological level, it is a reduction in blood flow to the sexual organ even when a male is fully aroused. That is why doctors suggest a Viagra 50 mg pills  to boost blood flow in the penis for a penile erection. The FDA approved drug is an oral dose taken 60 minutes before the planned intimate session. The chemical in the drug supports erection for next 5 hours from the time of swallowing the tablet.  A single dose ensures a penile erection without fear of loss of erection during intimate moments.

Cure of Erectile Dysfunction

Both medication and non medication methods are available to cure erectile dysfunction. The best method would depend on medical consultations and guidance the medical expert gives to the male with erectile dysfunction.

Doctor or healthcare expert checks determine the cause underlying the erectile issue. Without knowing the exact cause or causes, it will be difficult to adopt the best method to improve erectile dysfunction.  Once a doctor has performed various tests to know the exact cause, you are able to get the right treatment.

Home remedies to improve Erectile Dysfunction

Home remedies include change in diet, exercise, meditation and relaxation exercises. Some males have low libido, low testosterone and subsequent lack of interest in maintaining physical relations. Vitamin B complex diet consisting of spinach, broccoli, eggs, nuts, green vegetables, avocado, etc for increasing libido, testosterone level and sexual energy.

Home remedies also include exercise regimen. Aerobic exercises, yoga or stretching exercises are considered the best for a male with erectile dysfunction. Exercises improve your cardiovascular health. A healthy heart pumps blood into the penis vessels during the erection process. So, anything that makes the heart strong and healthy increases sexual health and improves erectile dysfunction.

Use of Erectile Dysfunction drugs

Erectile dysfunction drugs instantly improve erectile dysfunction. Consult your doctor or medical team on an online platform selling ED drugs. Get your health and medical status checked before using erectile dysfunction medicine. Let your doctor decide the exact dose of the drug. Levitra 40 mg pills  is recommended for males who prefer a quick action with few side effects. It is a powerful drug with support for 5 hours from the time of swallowing a pill. Follow basic cautions to get best experience from the use of the drug.

Males who cannot plan the intimate session within 5 hours need ED drugs with a longer duration period. Doctors suggest Cialis 5 mg pills for its longer influence period. It is a drug for males who need to feel the joy of a spontaneous intimate session. The medical examination is necessary to ensure that your body has the tolerability to withstand the influence of the drug for the longer duration.

Non medication treatments

Vacuum tubes

Vacuum tubes are preferred by males who do not want to use medicines. The hollow tubes are recommended by doctors to male who avoid using medicines for medical reasons. The tube creates a vacuum inside when the penis is inserted. Vacuum dilates blood vessels of the penis to draw blood inside it. A rubber is put on the base of the penis after erection to improve erectile dysfunction.

Acupuncture treatment

Acupuncture treatment consists of putting fine needles at the strategic points on the body to release blocked energy. The treatment relaxes the tense body parts, encourages movement of blood throughout the body and helps a male to improve erectile dysfunction. Acupuncturists determine the duration of sessions and duration of treatment based on your erectile condition. However, effectiveness of treatment differs from male to male.

Difference between ED medicines and other treatment methods

Both non medication treatment methods and home remedies take time to bring the desired results. The degree of erectile dysfunction along with health and age also determine the final result.  Doctors working on ED patients suggest 200 mg Sildenafil Citrate for males with higher degrees of erectile difficulty for quick results. The medicine gives results in 60 minutes. The doctor will ask for stopping other medicines with this dose for safe use.

So a lot of treatments are available to improve erectile dysfunction. Consultation with medical experts will help to get the best depending on your health parameters, erectile degree and lifestyle.