How cloud-based communication can benefit your business?

For driving any business, migrating to the cloud has become the most preferred technological trend. It promises to enhance productivity, simplify implementation, and streamline remote access, save costs of traditional business phone solutions. Many enterprises see cloud technology as the key to grow and expand their business. With the ability to make and receive calls on the internet, instead of conventional business phone lines, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has become an important service, especially for small enterprises.

The benefits include the ability for your staff members to make and receive calls from virtually anywhere, and on any device, through unified communication, make the demand or VoIP hard to ignore. This results in more and more small businesses switching to VoIP business phone solutions. As you analyze phone solutions for your business, here are some reasons a VoIP support solution must be at the top of your list.

1. Increases collaborations:

Collaboration and effective communication are important for your enterprise’s success. But it is difficult to keep all the employees on the same page without the right tools. Earlier, businesses conducted 60% of meetings in-person. Gartner now estimates that by 2024, this number will drop to only 25%. In order to stay connected, organizations leverage web conferencing technology. VoIP services and cloud PBX systems help small business budget while offering easy-to-use solutions. Gartner suggests that by 2021, the lasting influences of a remote workplace will provide conferencing services commonplace. 

Here are some of the reasons why most enterprises prefer cloud telephony in their business:

• Makes it simple to update and enhance existing features

• Enables businesses to adjust to a changing workplace easily

• Provides straightforward integrations that meet daily workflows

2. Budget-friendly:

It doesn’t matter if you are scaling back services or trying to decrease operating costs, VoIP continues to provide innovative features perfect for small business use. As it operates via the internet lines, your provider does not have to install expensive cabling and equipment in your office. Even though you can buy VoIP equipment from your provider, you can also use nearly any device to answer calls, join a video conference, or text message clients.

These types of functionalities used to only be available to company customers with pricey PBX systems. Since that no longer the case, SMBs who invest in VoIP now have a competitive advantage. Your VoIP provider manages upgrades and updates on a cloud-based server so that you can concentrate on your business.

When you incorporate the cost savings with extra profitability thanks to enhancing customer experience and increase productivity, your cloud-based business phone service practically pays for itself. It might be less expensive than what you spend on several other communication platforms every month. 

3. Helps in scaling up or down:

Upgrading a small business PBX system takes a long time and needs more effort than it does with the VoIP system. If you increase staffing in the holiday season, then it is easy to add new extensions or update to special options like SMS or texting. Popular features are as follows:

• N-way calling

• A call hold option that does not require extra lines

• Call analytics tools

• Readable voicemail

• On-hold music or custom messaging

• UC applications that work on tablets, smartphones, and desktops

But, you do not have to commit to extra features. Rather, with just a few clicks, you can eliminate unnecessary options. In addition, it is easy to set up new devices like a computer or a cellphone. All of which is hiring new staff or migrating to a remote workforce easier than ever. 

4. Enhance customer experience:

Every SMB tries to adopt a customer-centric approach for marketing, communications, and operations. Today that means going to the channels your customers use for calling, messaging, and conferencing. Functionalities such as auto-attendant or virtual receptionist enable enterprises to connect to customers with the right team members quickly. It does not matter if your staff shares an office or works remotely, your clients can get a hold of who they require on their first ring. 

At the high-volume call times, the ability to scale services to integrate call groups or call queues supports your clients with a personalized on-hold experience while eliminating missed calls or busy signals. With a unified communications platform, you will not lose a track of important messages or call. UC uses a single channel to organize all types of communication at one spot. This puts sensitive information right at your fingertips so you can quickly answer questions and put clients at ease.

5. Boost productivity and efficiency:

SMBs have little time to spare. Luckily, using a cloud-based business phone service, you can do more with less. For instance, VoIP solutions integrate with several office technologies like:

• Instant messaging

• Email

• Voice and video conferencing devices

• CRM platforms

Rather than searching for contacts or customer data while on a call, you or your remote team members can access data from a one-cloud based location. With fewer workflow interruptions, employees can concentrate during their workday.


As the workforce and world evolves, you require reliable solutions that support your growth while eliminating barriers. But it is challenging to keep up with the rapid pace of technology. Using a VoIP cloud-based business phone service, you do not have to. Instead, your cloud service providers manage everything behind the scenes. You will spend less time finding how to keep your team connected and more time enhancing the company. For SMBs, who are planning to adopt digital transformation in their business, Layer One Network is the best IT consulting firm. They have a team of highly-trained professionals who are waiting for the optimum solutions for all your problems. 

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