How College Life Has Changed: From Formal to Cool

College used to be considered a place to develop your professional self before entering the real world and people used to dress accordingly. Earlier people used to wear at least semi-formals or smart casuals to college so as to look ready for the real world. However, now the trends have taken a drastic turn.

College students nowadays are attending college in literally anything from nightwear to loungewear, pyjamas to shorts, jeans, graphic-tees are the new in-trend and winter weather sees the addition of jackets, hoodies, sweatshirts or just shawls in some cases. I know it sounds like real swag right.

If we go deeper into the wardrobe for guys and girls then the loungewear for both genders also differs. If we see college girls then they wear clothes like yoga pants, cotton pyjamas, oversized t-shirts, even boxers as shorts, slippers or funky sneakers like from Funkfeets or cartoon socks from soxytoes.

If you think guys are far behind girls in the cool college factor then you are wrong my friend. Guys are wearing cool and quirky boxers to classes, especially the hostel boys. The boxer briefs from brands like XYXX, Whatsdown are on the roll, they are everyday use prints that make life fun and interesting. Solid colours are so out. Guys also have been using a lot of loungewear or nightwear as classroom clothes.

However, this is just one side of the story There is another side as well. Many of the students also like to put a little more effort into their appearance unlike the nightwear group mentioned above. However, they like to wear clothes like jeans with graphic tees and sports jackets, sundresses with cardigans, which also in no way is considered formal but is still the definition of cool.

There are still colleges like the MBA colleges where once a week the students are given a reality check where they have to wear formal clothes like a white shirt and black pants with formal shoes. Some even have to wear an overcoat or formal jacket, I know the horror!

At one point college used to be so formal but now it’s not.

Especially, now after the advent of covid-19 in our lives, the world has basically turned upside down. Last year when almost every part of the world went under lock and key to protect themselves from covid-19, everything went online. People were working from home, studying from home, be it colleges, schools or even tuitions. Life as we know it came to an abrupt halt.

The once half casual wardrobe turned to a complete ‘what is wardrobe’ situation. It has been almost a year that people are still home and forget to dress up. People have now stopped bathing altogether; they wake up 5 minutes before class and just join in with literally their brush in their mouth.

Nightwear has actually become the official classroom clothes. The concept of uniform, for now, has become obsolete.

If I personally talk about my wardrobe it consists of funky t-shirts from Bewakoof and absolutely amazing shorts or boxers for men from the brief story. The brands that sold cool college clothes are still doing well because now even professionals are dressing in t-shirts and shorts for their offices. The only wardrobe we had over the last year was shorts and t-shirts for men in summers and pyjamas and hoodies in winters.

Hope this article led you to the understanding of the changing college life and the life of students and actually everyone post-pandemic. Well, it is not exactly a post but we all know covid might just be here to stay. Hope you are living up to your cool factor.

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