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How Content Marketing and Email Marketing Go Hand in Hand?

Content marketing and email marketing are two different ends of the same spectrum. When it comes to attracting new users to your business, you will have to focus on both. Before you know how these two terms are related to each other, you should know the difference between both of them.

Content marketing is a form of marketing that is focused on creating and publishing content for your target audience across different channels to build brand loyalty and trust. In contrast, email marketing is a process of sending commercial emails to a specific group of people, so they make repetitive purchases.

First off, you need to invest your time and money in creating a content strategy. If the content you share with your target audience does not appeal to them, they will bother to subscribe to you. It means your email marketing can never be successful if your content marketing strategy fails.

Content plays a vital role in making your marketing campaign successful. If the content is not engaging, your users will never bother interacting with your business and leaving you for your competitors. 

How content marketing and email marketing go hand in hand 

Content marketing creates loyalty, and email marketing encourages repetitive purchases, but it cannot happen unless your uses trust you.

The content you share through email marketing should be relevant, interesting and top-notch. If you break email marketing into parts, you will find each of them as an opportunity to integrate content so smartly that it encourages users to take the desired action. These parts have been discussed below:

Effective subject line

The internet is flooding with posts on the most effective and least effective subject lines. There is a lot of information that you often get discombobulated about how you should create a subject line. The best place to start is your inbox. You should look at emails over a couple of weeks. User must have a bunch of emails in your inbox. You may have read some of them, and some must be still unread. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What email did you not even bother to open?
  • Select What emails do you click as soon as you see them?
  • What emails do you straightaway put to trash?

When you find the answers to these questions, you will find that one thing was common in them, and that is the subject line. A subject line plays a crucial role to make your email marketing campaigns successful. It is a subject line that captures the attention of the user.

Research has discovered that you have only three seconds to draw the user’s attention, and this is why the subject line must be so compelling that the user immediately opens the email to know what is inside. Try to keep your subject line interesting.

Do not forget to look at the trash folder to see what kind of subject lines they had. This will let you get an insight into what kind of subject lines do not work. Try to find out what was the flaw in them. Does the subject line feel spam, or does the company keeps sending you email too often?

It is crucial to take a critical look at them so you can know how you can avoid your emails being marked as spam. Try to make the subject line that seems to help a recipient. You will likely come up with an engaging subject line if you bear it in your mind. 

Body content

Another thing you need to focus on is body content. The subject line is catchy – that is great because that has encouraged your users to pay attention to your email content. Still, your users dissuaded if the body content is not engaging and relevant to the needs of your target audience.

You should focus on three factors while writing an email body – quality, relevancy and industry related content. It must provide some information to your target audience that they do not have.

When you provide them with the latest information that can solve their problems or add value to your users’, you will likely get more hits on your email.

The more it caters to your audience is, the more shares you will get, and the more trustworthy your brand will become. When you write an email body, make sure that it revolves around the subject line.

If the subject line is “5 tips to save money,” the email body must have 5 tips to save money. Keep it short, crispy and precise. 

Call to action

Call to action is always there regardless of the type of content you are sharing with your audience because this will help you encourage them to take the action you want them to take. The call to action will read more when you share a blog post.

The call to action will be downloaded here if you share an ebook. When you share an email, you often get confused about the call to action. The fact is that you will have a lot of opportunities to introduce different CTAs to the right place.

If your email just explains the features of your product, the call to action will be buying now. But if you share an informative email, the call to action will read more instead of buy now.

Make sure that you place the call to action at the right place. It is not necessary that you need to put it at the end where the email body completes.

You can put it between the content wherever you think it is suitable. Try to use it right after you have mentioned something interesting because it increases their chances of taking the action you want them o take. Convenience matters a lot when it comes to users clicking the call to action.

The bottom line

Content marketing and email marketing go hand in hand undoubtedly. First off, you need to attract your users’ attention by sharing engaging content with them.

Once they show interest in your feeds and brands, you can start running your email marketing campaign. However, again you will need better content to make it successful.

You should hire an expert who can help you make an effective strategy. If you do not have enough money to fund it, you can take out loans in Ireland for the unemployed. Make sure that you can easily afford to pay off these loans. 

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