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How Do You Know That You Have Partnered With The Best Internet Service Provider In Coimbatore?

We are the last month of 2020 and what a year it has been. Most of us have spent it under house arrest due to the COVID-19 lockdown. It meant us performing all our tasks from gyming to working from our households. Most of these tasks needed us to be connected with a fast and consistent internet service provider. Because let us face no one wanted to attend those Zoom professional meetings and watch fitness videos with distorted images or broken audio all because of a poor connection. As a resident of Coimbatore, you have may have looked around for the best internet service provider in Coimbatore. But how do you know that you are connected to one? Well, it is simple really. If your internet service provider offers the below-mentioned services, then you have made a wise decision. And if you find that your internet service does provide these services, then give yourself a gift this New Year, the gift of a superfast, consistent and reliable broadband network. 

1. Fiber Optic Technology-Based Broadband: This is not a service, but the medium by which the broadband is supplied to your home. And it is not just any medium, but the very best. With this technology, it becomes possible for the internet service provider to offer the highest speeds which are equal for downloads and uploads, highest bandwidth, lowest latency, least distortion and interference, and so on and so forth. Basically, if your internet service provider in Coimbatore offers fiber optic broadband service, then undoubtedly, you are connected with the best. As your internet will be the fastest, most consistent and reliable. 

2. High-Speed Plans with Large Monthly Data: Every user is different. You may want an average speed plan like 200 Mbps speed for 2500 GB data. But your neighbour who is heavy gamer and streamer might look for the highest plans that offer 300 Mbps speed and 6000 GB data. The best internet service provider understands this variable need and offers a wide range of plans to suit everyone’s internet requirements. So, you will find plans that come with a minimum speed of 40 Mbps to a maximum speed of 300 Mbps. Similarly, with regard to monthly data starting from 500 GB to 6000 GB. 

3. Extra Benefits and Add Ons: Who does not like freebies? Some internet service providers will also award you for taking a certain plan by providing discounted access to streaming giants like Netflix, SONYLIV, Hungama, etc. Gamers will find booster packs that will help them boost their existing speed and monthly data and also gain discounts on online gaming platforms. Free month trials, cashback, and discounts are all available on certain plans. 

4. Customer Service: It is a service that can be never off this list. The best internet service provider will have all the support systems in place to ensure quick redressal. You may have or have not already experienced this if when needed your internet service provider solved your issue swiftly, then stick with the same.  

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Final Words

So how many of these does your internet service provider in Coimbatore qualify in? If all four, then you are all set, but if less than two, then we advise you to search for a broadband provider that offers all. 

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