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When the seasons change, you may need to consider replacing your seasonal tyres. It’s critical to think about how you’ll store the set if you’re switching from summer to winter tyres. It is possible that you will have your tyres replaced by a professional retailer, and most of them provide tyre motels, but be sure to confirm with them ahead of time.

If you do not properly care for and maintain your tyres, the properties of the tyres may change. As a result, they may live a shorter life. They may even deteriorate to the point that you must replace the tyres while being preserved. However, if you properly care for and maintain them, they will survive for a long time and save you money. Buy Pirelli Tyres Bury St Edmunds for better performance.

The most effective method of storing your tyres

Thoroughly clean the tyres before storing them

It is a critical step to take before commencing therapy. While in use, tyres absorb dust, dirt, road grit, and other pollutants. When you allow them to remain on the tyres for a lengthy period of time, they harm both the tyre and the rubber. As a result, it’s vital that one must clean the tyres properly before storing them for the long winter. This might be done while your tyres are still mounted to the wheels. Wash the tyres inside and out with water and soap to remove any dust or grime from their surface.

Place them in a container

A large, airtight plastic bag is required to fit a tyre. Consider using yard bags or leaf bags. Make certain that both the tyre and the bag are completely dry before removing as much air as possible from the plastic bag and taping it shut. This airtight configuration would reduce oil loss from rubber compounds. Specialised tyre totes are also available. They make it simple to transport and store tyres while also keeping them clean and dirt-free. Unfortunately, these are not airtight. If you use them, seal the tyres in a bag first, then place them in the tyre totes.

Position the tyres properly

As experts say, if you store your tyres for a longer period of time are prone to developing irregularities. As a result, it’s vital to keep the tyres stable and upright during the lengthy rest period to stop this from happening and to ensure that your tyres retain their overall form and shape.

Make certain that the place is dry and cool

As previously said, make sure the place where you keep your tyres is out of direct sunlight and at a low temperature. This is necessary to ensure that your tyres last as long as possible. To maintain your tyres, find a cool, dry area with a controlled environment. A workshop or garage is a good alternative. Avoid popular areas such as your basement. Any area with a humid, hot, and moist climate should be avoided at all costs.

Here are a few things to think about when doing so:

  1. Ozone is harmful to the rubber compound used to create tyres. When you expose this rubber to ozone, it will corrode. To put it another way, You must not expose your tyres to the sun over longer periods of time. Lower temperatures, on the other hand, are harmful to tyres.
  2. It’s not a great choice to improperly store your tyres for a longer period of time. Simply said, incorrectly storing tyres over lengthy periods of time may cause damage to your tyre. When it concerns the need to store tyres, it is vital to keep in mind that anything less than optimal conditions will suffice. It’s the only method to keep the tyre secure for the duration of its storage.
  3. Installing tyres on wheels is a great option since it avoids the chance of harm while you store the tyres. This, however, involves having an extra set of wheels to match your tyres.
  4. They must be kept in upright positions for lengthy periods of time to minimise degradation. When it’s time to use them, they’ll be able to mount swiftly on wheels.

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