How IOT Is Reshaping Smart Building Automation In India

The coming together of real estate and technology has changed some of the fundamentals about building value. For example, earlier, the prime factor that added to the value of a building was its location. While that continues to be one of the dominant aspects even today, we do see several other factors in building valuation. However, the entry of the Internet Of Things or Internet of things (IOT) has changed this age-old trend to a significant extent. IoT has revolutionised building management by adding features that have brought inefficient building management systems. Hence, now smart buildings offer a better resident experience and new opportunities for revenue generation. 

Consumer-level Internet of things (IOT)devices gather much attention. However, enterprise-level building automation will lead to more considerable changes in energy consumption and its management. As building owners, you may think that there is no reason for concern as long as it is functional. Many building owners think upgrading their facility with the latest building management systems will only lead to more spending. But, this may also prevent you from enjoying increased savings and several opportunities for optimising your property. 

Traditional building management systems have become outdated, given the speedy technological advancements. Such building management solutions can barely offer anything other than the control and management of thermostats, controllers and HVAC systems. They lack the support for granular feedback sensors and hence, throw challenges in expanding capabilities. As a result, there is energy wastage and obscure data. Thus, even if the building management system identifies an issue, it becomes difficult to trace its point of origin.

The buildings we work and live in are old. Most buildings remain energy inefficient, hard to maintain, and not comfortable for their occupants. Not to mention, the energy used to run our building infrastructure accounts for 40% of global GHG emissions. The facilities management industry is worth over $1.12 Trillion yet for all the opportunity and incentives for improvement, the industry has moved slowly, if at all, towards innovative approaches to facility operation.

Internet of things (IOT) has given a much-needed makeover to building management systems. Internet of things (IOT) enabled building automation offers building users endless possibilities to optimise the facilities without any extravagant costs. 

Some of the notable ways in which Internet of things (IOT) is reshaping smart buildings in India are:

Easy Upgrade For Variety Of Functions

Did you know that battery-operated Internet of things (IOT) sensors are cheap and easy to install and maintain? These, along with low power consuming Internet of things (IOT) connectivity, can gather helpful insight into the different building functions. With Internet of things (IOT) enabled building automation, users can automate exercises like shutdown or activation, schedule maintenance or trigger alarms. 

Higher Savings To decrease Costs And Carbon Footprint

Energy efficiency is one of the most critical advantages of building management systems. The latest range of building management systems has granular Internet of things (IOT) sensors that allow on-demand and micromanagement devices to attain higher energy efficiency. In addition, facility managers can access energy insights at their fingertips with the help of wireless utility submeters that can locate issues in an instant.

Transparent 360 Degree View On The Facility

Smart buildings with Internet of things (IOT)come with wireless sensors that provide 360-degree visibility of the building assets to the managers. They can look at waste management setup, equipment condition, fire safety plan, etc., at any time they want. This way, managers can identify possible threats beforehand to reduce downtime and maintenance costs. 

Enhanced Residents’ Satisfaction

Smart buildings are an apt way to deal with the rising demands of building tenants and their requests for better management. For example, building automation can help decide the ideal temperature, humidity, and air quality for the residents, increasing living comfort and boosting their productivity. 
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