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How Mental Health Can Hinder Your Success

Success is a common word with a lot of individual definitions. Everyone has their own idea of success but everyone wants to be successful. No matter what you believe it to be, you can be sure that you’ll require more than just a clear idea to get there. Since it’s something that will require you to take a journey from where you are to where you want to be, it’s going to be tough. You’ll need to plan, organize, maintain and achieve your goals according to your respective situation. Needless to say, you’ll have to work upon your personal growth.

What is Personal Growth?

Personal growth or self-development is a process of consciously improving upon yourself using your experiences in society. You’re bound to have a lot of experiences in your daily life. Some of these may vary from each other and may not always be what you hope for. However, no matter what these experiences may be or how they appeal to you, they’re lessons nonetheless. You’ll always find yourself trying to make sense of everything that you go through. 

Psychology defines this as experiential knowledge and many psychological perspectives. Such as behavioural and cognitive psychology have various theories regarding it. Mainly, Vygotsky and Bandura are prominent names of psychologists that have given us insight into how our minds process our daily interactions.

Whether we learn from our own experiences or from imitation of others, we’re constantly evolving. Our moral compass keeps on redefining what we deem right and wrong. In addition to this, our sense of who we are and what we want to do in life also keeps on changing as we perceive different concepts.

How Self Development and Growth Are Important for Success?

Self-development or personal growth is key to success as without growth, you’re never going to learn something new. Whereas any and all successful people, though they were persistent in what they wanted, never became rigid and sat down on themselves. As their experiential journey took them across different places, their knowledge and concepts evolved as well. To allow them to think out of the box, it was imperative that they first learned everything that was inside it. 

Since it’s not just two-dimensional thinking that you’re going for. You often need to form opinions on things you know nothing about as well. Obviously, you’re not going to know everything about anything. But if you only focus on what you do know, you’re not going to evolve.

How Does Mental Health Hinder Success?

One of the things that are always sure to come along your journey of life is mental health. Given the conditions that we live in, we’re bound to feel depressed and anxious. Some may feel it with much more intensity than others while others might even allow it to become a serious threat as well. Mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, panic and other forms of psychological disorders are as real as your brain. 

Contrary to common perception, we’re all vulnerable to psychological problems regardless of whether you pay attention to them or not. Of course, those who pay attention are likely to figure out a way to deal with the persisting problem while others will allow it to get worse along with their overall situation.

Experiences come with various emotions and our reactions determine how we’ll cope with it. People come up with different coping mechanisms regardless of whether they’re aware of them. Since it’s all very individualistic, it’s often noted that people indulge themselves in habits that are going to prove physically and mentally harmful. One of the most common examples of this is drug and alcohol abuse. Not only are these the wrong answers, but they’re also open invitations to more devastating problems that will surely ruin your dreams and future.

How to Ensure Good Mental Health?

Some of the things you can do to ensure top-notch mental health include healthy dietary habits and exercise routines. If this feels cliché, try spending some time with yourself or take it up a notch by going to a therapist. Your goal is to figure out all that’s going wrong in your mind and bring it in synchronization with your emotions and feelings. 

Some people might refer to it as inner peace or spiritual relaxation. Psychologists might call it catharsis but regardless of its name, this journey inward to reach the deepest and darkest corners of ourselves to pull out all that’s hurting us is necessary.

To ensure that your personal growth isn’t hindered by your mental health, you need to ensure your physical and mental health. The mind should be in a condition that’s in resonance with your body.  

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