How Mobile Patrol Services Prevent Dangerous Incidents

Humans are highly dependent on each other for safety and security, yet we come across so many incidents happening around the world that seemingly could have been prevented if only the right security approach was adopted. In the modern world where things are more often than not left to chances rather than choices, people are often pushed to grave danger. Danger lurks all the time and not choosing security over luxury or comfort can often cause grave damage to life and property alike. Theft, vandalism, arson, sabotage, physical attacks, and kidnapping are only some of the incidents that could be reported after they happen – and often it is too late to take any action to reverse the circumstances.

In this article, we have pointed out to the five types of security incidents that commonly occur in modern cities and how reliable mobile patrol services prevent such events from happening.

House Break-ins and Thefts

In parts of the city where mobile patrolling happens, crimes related to theft and burglaries could reduce by at least 75% during the night, and by 100% during the daytime.

Burglaries and thefts are common in all parts of the country. It doesn’t really matter if the city is sparsely populated or densely – thefts are commonly reported across the country. Yes, it is more likely to occur during the nighttime when there is low visibility and poor security arrangements in the neighborhood. In high risk areas where the reported frequency of theft is more than 2 per day, citizens often hire professional security services that offer mobile patrolling. These patrolling security guards are on the move throughout the day and are most active during the night when thefts are most likely to happen.

Mobile patrol services could be patrolling the highly prone areas at least 2-3 times at different hours during the night and therefore are able to prevent thefts and burglary cases.

Warehouse damage

Warehouses are 15%safer in regions where mobile patrolling occurs compared to regions where mobile security is not provided.

Our cities serve as the base for some of the biggest material warehouses in the world. With an average density of 4 warehouses within a radius of 10 square miles, warehouses are extremely prone to damages arising from many different reasons. Warehouses could badly suffer from thefts or pilferage, fire or flooding, or even arson during riots. Mobile patrol services support warehouse managers and administrators tightening the security by providing rapid response during critical situations arising from above mentioned incidents.

Construction Site sabotage

Construction sites are again prone to similar incidents mentioned above, but the frequency of incidents happening in a building site is 300 times higher than in a ground warehouse. Sabotages at a construction site could result in collapsing of the structure, fire, or simply theft of materials.

What’re the reasons? Well, construction site involves working with heavy and sophisticated pieces of machinery where laborers often vigorously. These sites are full of dangerous material that can cause grave danger to the lives of people working on the ground and in the building. Apart from preventing theft at constructions sites where pilferage of building material is very common, rapid response teams from Mobile Security services providers also double up as first-aid providers, taking swift action in providing medical care. These mobile services also communicate extremely quickly with ambulance providers and fire departments to prevent any loss of lives or property.


We live in a country of big celebrities where they are always in a limelight. Industrialists, expatriates, celebrity tourists, and high profile politicians are targeted for their reputation and stature, often leading to their kidnappings or assassination bids. Mobile patrolling parties take proactive measures to deter attackers from targeting high profile individuals. These regimented professionals are trained to keep an eagle’s eye on potential threats and take them out before any kind of attack on the client. From escorting their client to safe destinations to providing bodyguard security, these mobile groups use advanced technologies as part of their rapid response actions, which involves taking out physical or gun attacks.

Therefore, security companies play a big role in proactively preventing such attacks as these recruit a highly trained and sophisticated group of professionals who are experienced in providing round the clock preventive mobile patrol services.

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