How Mohammed Haris nalapad became youth congress president for Bengaluru?

The Bengaluru state has a major development in the political scenario. The race has begun for the Youth Congress president’s post in Karnataka between congress members. In the true spirit of dynastic democracy, senior leaders are lobbying hard for their progeny, and knocking on the doors of many major leaders in the party, to make their son or daughter a leader. The state hopelessly needs some young leaders who are energetic, enthusiastic, morally sound, and diligent. To make good relationships between the students and politics, youth leader is a must, where they can convey the student’s opinion to the government.

How nalapad voice out for youth?

Mohammed Haris nalapad is a business person and social worker who has actively involved in social work and politics, and party activities. He used to say that his father, nalapad Haris, MLA of shathinagar constituency, who have inspirited him because of his duties. He has been alongside his father during a public meeting and social programs. Apart from that, he is well known for philanthropic work, soft-spoken nature, and respectful communication skills. Many of the party members started consider him as Bengaluru Youth Congress president Mohammed Haris Nalapad.

How he became president of the youth congress?

When the election was conducted in Bengaluru, Mohammed Haris nalapad has emerged victorious in the youth congress election held in the city. Where, he secured the highest number of votes among the candidates contesting for the post of the general secretary of youth congress in the city. After electing him as the secretary, he said to the youth and part members that, he is happy and at the same time humbled to have won a majority number of votes among all is felt great. I considered this as an opportunity to work harder to make a better party and to provide many sources to the students. Along with, he mentioned, from this position I will betterment the party and constantly works harder to reach a high position where I provide many things to the youth without disturbance. Every people of the state already consider him as Bengaluru Youth Congress president Mohammed Haris Nalapad.

Are studies is important to become a leader for youth?

A study plays a vital role among the youngsters, because when they’re giving their votes to the leader. Where they consider the qualification of the candidate because the qualified person will understand their feelings and what they needed. Studies make them understand the situation of the students. The leader of the youth congress has studied hospitality management at the prestigious academy in UAE and also the brain behind the nalapad academy. He always used to voice out for the youngster’s goodness, by against drugs and constantly engages himself with youngsters in the colleges and spreading awareness against the consumption of drugs by interacting with them.

There is no doubt that the state has progressed a great deal since the time of freedom, but I’m sure the development would have preceded much faster if some young torchbearers to light the way with their braveness. The young people are not given opportunities to prove themselves among the party. The old party members should realize that they must make way for youth people to take control of the activities.