Cost To Rekey Your House

How Much Does It Cost To Rekey Your House?

A sturdy lock installed on the door of your house means no one can get inside without a key, not even you. This is a thing that every homeowner has to live with, where losing a key or breaking one inside the lock requires professional help.

According to studies, over 2 million in the US end up locking themselves out of their houses in a year. You need professional locksmith services when you are locked out of your house so that you can get inside as soon as possible. A locksmith can rekey the lock and get you a copy. This will get you covered till the next time.

There is another reason why rekeying is a frequent work that locksmiths do which was not covered in the previous stats – ownership of the house.

In the event of purchasing a house, new owners get the locks recalibrated and get new keys. This is cost- and time-effective when compared to getting new locks for the entire space.

Average Cost To Rekey A House

Keep in mind that the exact locksmith cost to rekey a house can vary greatly, depending on a number of facts. So, the figures and estimates discussed in this segment should be taken with a pinch of salt.

According to data from various locksmiths’ associations, it can cost around $20 to rekey a lock. The exact amount you need to pay to rekey a lock is up to the locksmith company you hire.

On average, homeowners pay around $200 for rekeying the whole house. Apart from the obvious reasons, this cost also covers other small work that come in the way.

According to Citylocal 101, it is important to conduct due research and interview multiple locksmith companies before formalizing things with one. The best course is to go local and find a seller in your area for excellent work and dependable customer service.

Common Factors That Affect Price Of Rekeying

As mentioned earlier, the exact price could be different from one house to another. But for the sake of averaging and finding the mean, here are some factors that contribute in the cost of rekeying a house.

Complexity Of Locks

If you have some experience tinkering around the locks, there are types of locks that are easy to rekey so you can do that without professional help. Still, there are risks involved and it is better to get a dedicated locksmith.

For the simple and less complicated locks, the price will be lower than their sophisticated, multi-layered counterparts. The price you need to pay also depends on how much time a lock gets to rekey, including the make of a lock as well as the place of installation.

You can do the math along these lines.

Rekeying VS Changing The Locks

It does not matter how dearly rekeying could cost, it will always be cheaper from changing all the locks in the house. There are misconception about it, but rekeying always saves time and budget.

How Much Does It Cost To Rekey Your House?

As much as anyone would like to give it, there is no hard and fast answer to that. As suggested earlier, there is no way you can get the exact cost of rekeying all the locks in your house, except by calling the locksmiths in your area and get a quote from them.

The price for services changes with the passage of time, so you need to be well-informed about the dynamics of the market before hiring a locksmith. Only this way, you can find the best value for your money.