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How Often Should You Service Your Car?

A car, like any other device, needs servicing just like we humans, need a vacation once in a while. To answer the question of how often you should service your car, ideally, every six months. But there is certainly more than one aspect to this question, and knowing about all such aspects is equally important. Keep reading to find out why, how and when to service your car. 

WHY Should You Service Your Car?

It is certainly no surprise that a car needs servicing once in a while. But have you thought about the benefits of servicing? If not, here are some reasons why you should service your car:

  • Safety and Security: A car is mainly serviced, to ensure the safety and security of the people using it. Not taking your car for service can thus, result in varying accidents and will prove to be hazardous for you. And that is not it, and these accidents can be caused because of multiple reasons and due to any part of the car.
  • Car’s Performance: A car’s performance is likely to decline over a certain period. Servicing helps in improving your car’s performance, as it makes sure all the parts and features of the car are working perfectly. If they do, servicing will improve their working, and if not, it will fix those parts.
  • Makes your car live longer: Worried about when your car may get tired of you and leave? That is certainly not happening anytime soon if you keep servicing your car at regular intervals, as it gives a boost to the parts of the car, ensuring longer life.
  • Rise in value of Resale: Maybe you are the one who wants to leave your car. Having a properly functioning car can attract from customers, and that requires servicing.
  • Helps in Reducing Pollution: Improper or no servicing can emit gases hazardous to the environment. Make sure you accord your car to good service dealer like Car Servicing in Loughborough.

To sum it up, you can be at a huge disadvantage by not servicing your car.

WHEN should you service your car?

As suggested by experts, you need to service your car at least once every six months or after 10,000 Kilometers of distance, on an average. But a lot also depends on what type of car you drive and also how you drive it. For example, an automatic car requires annual servicing, or after completing 20,000 kilometres of distance on an average. This varies from the general rule. Several other factors like pollution, quality of the roads also play a vital role in deciding when you should service your car. Check out the manual of your respective car, to know more. 

Here are some signs suggesting that your car urgently requires servicing:

  • Engine (warning) light on the dashboard is flashing
  • Uncanny Vibrations or sounds coming from the car
  • More emissions than usual
  • Brakes are unresponsive
  • An issue with the ignition

Despite all the factors, one thing that remains common is that regular servicing of your car is an absolute must. Not only does it benefit your car, but also prevents road accidents. Car servicing Loughborough one such example. For more questions and information related to topics like these, head over to our blog, we wish you a safe drive!

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