How to adjust lower back pain

How to adjust Lower Back? Spinal Adjustments Tips

How to adjust Lower Back? Spinal Adjustments Tips

When you hear the word chiropractor, you are likely to hear ‘adjustments’ too. You will also hear those adjustments help to realign the spine or neck. People suffering from the lower back have mostly the issue of vertebrae becoming misaligned. This tends to cause a lot of pain if the problem is severe and can also affect the quality of life.

When your nerves or muscles are not in the right condition, the possibility of pain and other joint problems are high. One misalignment can trouble you with various issues like falls, sports failure, getting older, body twisting, accidents, and whiplash. Proper winter, if you are wondering how to adjust back? Here is a guide to show you some ways to make your lower back pain reduce to the core.

Cracking Your Lower Back

There are ample ways to safely crack your lower back and see effective results out of it. You need to have a perfect space to lie and walk around, so choose wisely!

1.     Seated Back Rotation

Find a chair, settle down and relax a bit. Move your left leg to the right leg while putting your elbow on the left knee. Noe, rotate your upper body to the left. Try to hold this position for some seconds, return to your initial post and continue. You can switch your positions while using the right leg to the left this time. Make sure you do it every day to see a difference in your lower back pain.

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2.     Clasp your hand behind your back

While you are sitting on a chair, hold your hand behind the back and interlock your finger. Place your hand in the back that is the pain spot and press your arrow and massage it. Continue to massage the site till you feel you are relaxed and have cracked your back. You might not hear a crack but feel comfort or something different in your back. This is an indication that you have done it right!

3.     Trunk Rotation

You are wondering how to adjust your lower back? Another very effective technique that requires space for you to lie down. Lie on your back and the left leg straight, while your right leg a bit bent, possibly 90-degree angle. Use your exercise mat, stretch your one leg straight while the other one bent to a great extent. Now, spread your arms at the sides, try to stabilize yourself in this position, and relax. Later, you can switch to the other leg and repeat the same while stretching your arms. This is more sort of a stretching adjustment technique that will offer you comfort.

4.     Cat Position

Imagine yourself as a cat, and take the position while using an exercise mat for good grip. Arch your back, pull your stomach upward and push it back out. Make sure your neck movement takes place along with your gut, gradually going back downward and inward. Do this at least three sets and twice a day to see the difference in your lower back pain. This one is one of the most effective and safe adjustments that you can try out. Watch out for some videos if you need help performing the exercise named ‘Cat Arch.’ 

Is it safe to make adjustments at home?

Until and unless you are not pushing yourself out of the comfort zone and overdoing some exercises, it is good to do at home! However, if the pain is gradually increasing every day and you see no difference. It is high time to consult and search for the “best neurologist near you.”

There will be times wherein you are busy doing work chores or at the office, and your lower back hurts too much. This easy-to-go exercise can help you gain some sort of instant relief.


Consulting a chiropractor makes sense since they can advise you on how to adjust the lower back quickly. Find one at Injured Care, a directory that will offer you the best help for finding the right doctor. Don’t wait for too long and add more pain to your back. Seek some help from the professional right away.