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How to Buy Suitable Clothing for Newborn Baby

For many moms and fathers, having a baby is a very joyful thing. They start to buy things for the baby during pregnancy. Among them, clothes are indispensable, but how to choose wholesale clothes for the newborn? There are a few points that must be paid attention to, otherwise, it is a safety hazard.

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  1. Choose Pure Cotton Blend Clothing

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    Babies have strong sweat secretion and need good sweat absorption, good breathability, soft and lose clothing, so be sure to choose pure cotton clothing.

  2. Choose a Cardigan

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    Newborns have delicate bones and are not suitable for pullovers. It is best to choose cardigans for easy wearing and taking off.

  3. Choose Lace-up Underwear

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    This kind of clothes does not have buttons and will not scratch the baby. Pay attention that the straps should not be too long and must be sewn on the clothes firmly, otherwise, it will wrap around the baby’s neck, fingers and toes, etc, which will easily cause poor local blood circulation, which can cause avascular necrosis in severe cases, is a great safety hazard; at the same time, do not fasten the belt too tightly.

  4. Easy to Put On and Take Off

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    For the baby, choose a model that is easy to put on and take off, easy to change diapers, and do not need to take off too many clothes.

  5. Sewing Technology

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    Choose the fewer seams, the better, try to choose clothes without seams for your baby, so that it won’t hurt your baby.

  6. The Colors

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    Try to choose light-colored, less printed clothes, because dark, bright clothes will use more dyes and auxiliaries in the printing and dyeing process, and wearing them next to the body may cause skin allergies and discomfort. In addition, dark clothing is easy to fade, babies like to bite on clothing, and it is easy to eat dye into the stomach, which is harmful to the baby’s health.

After the baby is one-month-old, try not to wear pantyhose, so as not to affect the baby’s normal movement. There are also clothes that do not wear waistbands for babies, and the trousers should not be too high, and 2 cm above the belly button is appropriate. In infants, children mainly rely on abdominal breathing. If the elastic band is used, it will affect the child’s normal breathing and may cause the child’s thoracic rib valgus deformity.

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There are many newborn baby styles of clothing for choosing. High quality and cheap prices.

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