How to choose and flaunt coloured lenses to stand out from the crowd

Our eyes hold the biggest significance on our face. While most people choose to distinguish their looks with makeup products, and hair colour, the truth is that not everyone can opt for big changes easily; especially not men. Hence, coloured contact lenses are the best option if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Whether you go to school, work in an office or just want to look different for a party, contact lenses Australia will truly make your day. However, choosing the correct coloured lenses can be daunting sometimes.

Will it match my skin tone? Will blue contact lenses suit me? Will I look good in grey? We have heard all sorts of questions when it comes to choosing contact lenses.

If you are on the lookout for the best coloured lenses, read on and find out which colour suits you most.

Types of Coloured Contact Lenses

Like everything else, coloured contacts also come in different sizes and densities. Moreover, all coloured lenses have unique patterns and they appear differently on different people. It is imperative to know about their types in order to select the ideal coloured lenses for yourself.

  • Opaque Lenses:
    Opaque lenses cover your eyes completely. Masking your original eye colour to reveal the coloured lenses on top.
  • Colour Enhancement Tints:
    These type of lenses enhance your original eye colour. Either by lightening or darkening the original shade.
  • Custom Tinted Lenses:
    Mostly chosen by athletes because they are practical as well as cosmetic.
  • Theatrical Lenses:
    They are also known as cosmetic lenses. These coloured lenses are usually worn during Halloween, costume parties and other special occasions. The colours are vivid, bright and the patterns are also cool.

 Now that you know about different types of coloured contacts, let’s move on and see how you can choose the best ones to suit you in every way possible.

Selecting Coloured Contact Lenses

Selecting coloured lenses can be difficult because you are not allowed to try them on before purchasing them. Same goes with online orders. Additionally, you might think blue lenses might compliment you, but you find out the opposite once you wear them.

In order to eliminate all these aspects, it is important to keep the basic pointers of choosing coloured lenses in mind. Here are few interesting angles to determine which coloured lenses will look perfect on you.

Determine your Skin tone to choose contact lenses

Believe it or not, your skin tone plays a vital role in selecting coloured contacts. Interestingly, every skin type and colour is different. We all have ‘warm, neutral or cool skin tone’. Choosing your favorite coloured contact lenses Australia accordingly will either make your look or break it.

How to determine your skin tone is the next question everyone asks. While there are various methods to find out, the easiest one is through your veins. Yes! The colour of your veins can point you in the right direction. If your veins look green, you have a warm skin tone. However, if they are blue, then you definitely have a cool skin tone.

Skin Tone and Coloured Lenses

After you have determined your skin tone, choosing the correct coloured contact lenses Australia becomes effortless.

  • Warm Skin Tone
    If you have a warm skin tone, we advise you to go for coloured lenses that create a set contrast to enhance your eyes. Interestingly, colours like light blue, hazel, light brown and even light grey look very nice.
  • Cool Skin Tone
    If you have a cool skin tone, you should definitely opt for blues, greys and purple. These colours will compliment your undertone and enhance your eyes. Try going for shades like aqua, amethyst and deep grey. If you want a striking contrast, you can also go for colour enhancement black!

  • Neutral Skin Tone

If you own a neutral or slightly tanned complexion, you definitely need coloured contacts which are brighter than your skin tone to help your eyes glow. Significantly, you should opt for greens, browns, hazel, honey and caramel. If you are looking for blues, go for deep blue shades or turquoise.

Hair Colour and Contact Lenses

Interestingly, your hair colour also plays an important role in choosing coloured lenses. You wouldn’t want to look too eye-catching or too boring if coloured contacts and hair colour don’t gel-in.

  • Blacks and Browns

Blue and grey coloured contact lenses look amazing with black and brown hair. The deeper the hair colour, the lighter the shade of lenses can be.

  • Blondes
    With blonde hair and a fair complexion, your best bets will be hazels, caramel and honey.
  • Bright Coloured Hair
    Red hair, blue hair and other coloured hair compliment deep coloured contact lenses like turquoise, deep green and purples.

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