Best CBSE School

How to choose the right CBSE School for your child?

CBSE is the most common board of India and is almost taught in all schools around the country. Even outside the country CBSE is a popular curriculum. It is obviously a popular mode of education around the country. CBSE is based on the NCERT learning approach. It is an integrated approach. CBSE is quite popular amongst parents in India. They find it easy to enroll their students under this curriculum as most of the schools and colleges in the country follow this system of education. Studying a curriculum for almost 7-8 years and then shifting to another system of education is difficult for the students. Therefore keeping in the mind the requirement of the curriculum many opt for CBSE. 

Since majority of the schools in India have CBSE curriculum it is difficult to choose a particular one. A parent wants the best for their child. Therefore, here are a few points that parents can look into before deciding which school to choose. 

Affiliation affirmation 

It is important for the parents to find genuine information about the school. Schools that teach CBSE surely adhere to NCERT rule book. But there could be many schools that would tell you that they teach CBSE curriculum but might not adhere to NCERT. Therefore, it is essential to investigate as to what curriculum and what rule book they follow. This will easily help you to keep fake schools away. 

Subjects and options

After secondary school there are various options of subjects and languages based on the states and zones. Therefore, the parent should be fully aware of what options are available in their state and zone. Some schools offer subjects like Psychology in Commerce stream whereas some offer Business Studies as their option. Although the primary or anything before the secondary shift is almost same across the schools teaching CBSE. 

Achievements and assessments 

The pattern of best CBSE school in Andhra Pradesh is such that the academic year is divided into 2 semesters. This helps the child in being engaged in the academic year. It is important that you make sure that the school provides your child with a safe and healthy environment for studying and achieving good grades. Surveying some students will also help the parents in actually getting to know how the assessment is done and how healthy the environment is. CBSE follows the Formative Assessment [FA] and the Summative assessment [SA]. 

Reputation of the institution 

The reputation of the institution is one of the most frequently asked questions. How good is the school? What is it known for? Does it provide good quality of education? What is it for the alumni? Are there any great names connected? And many such questions. These are few frequently asked questions which are important for any parent. They want to find out all the possible information and make sure that they enroll the child in the best school in the city. Having answers to these questions satisfies the parents to another level. Along with the school being a brand it is also important that they retain their value. Parents would want the best plus 2 school in Andhra Pradesh that focuses on education and not only is a money making institution. 

Many schools in the country follow various different curriculum, but CBSE being the most common is followed by almost all schools. Therefore to differentiate one school from the other makes it quite difficult. Parents now have to work a little harder to find which school fits the best. Along with education, sports and other activities should also be of equal importance. In today world, education is surely a top priority but other factors such as sports, cultural activities also have the same level of importance. 

School Environment

The effort and time that the parents invest in choosing a school is unrealistic, but this is what needs most attention. Shifting a child from one school to the other isn’t an easy thing to do. Schools have a bigger influence on the child than we can ever imagine. You would want your child to make good friends and follow a nice disciplined life. Therefore, schools play a huge part in this. Choosing the right school will give them the right direction and lead them successful careers. 

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