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How To Choose The Right T.V Based On Resolution?

Television comes with an American background. It is the most essential appliance in terms of family gatherings and binge-watching for children. What is LCD and OLED? Get this understanding in more detail.

While purchasing the television, a buyer has two options either – LCD or OLED. These television sets share an enormous place in the market.

These HD televisions use (Light-emitting diode) LED technology to brighten the LCD screen and make the screen extremely thin. LED TV as compared with other technologies have reasonable amount figure and the quality is good.

OLED television has better lightning zones as compare to the LED-LCD’s. In place of the backlight, OLED applies the coat of organic LEDs.

In this article, based on the number of pixels, below are the finest 4K and 8K resolution television. Read them before you buy OLED TV online

Comparison between the Right television Based on Resolution

Why 4K resolution television?

How about some in-depth knowledge about 4k resolutions? Resolution is described as the number of pixels arranged on the screen to display the picture in the expression of horizontal rows and vertical columns. More pixels represent the best picture quality, so more pixels are always preferable while manufacturing television.

While buying a television, the knowledge and guidance of resolution criteria are necessary. For the past few decades, 1920 x 1080 resolutions are also known and signified as full HD. It is always in the customer demand and still, it is in high requirement all across the world.

Nevertheless, manufacturing and up-gradation will never stop. Television manufacturers all over the world upgrade the HD technology to ultra HD. 4K technology has four times the number of pixels that are in the current HD television screen. 4k resolution has 3840 x 2160 pixels. Several streaming applications like Netflix, prime video, YouTube start offering 4K resolution pixels quality that engages the audience in every minute detail of the videos. Let’s look at some 4K resolution televisions

LG 108 cm (43 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 43UM7290PTF (Ceramic Black)

  • As mentioned this television comes with the 4K pixels quality.
  • Connectivity is of 3 HDMI ports to connect set-top box connectivity. Blu-ray players, gaming features are available on this television. There are two USB ports for connecting hard drives and other USB devices.
  • The mobile connection feature and a quad-core processor for multitasking in the smart television is a win-win situation.
  • Powerful sound quality and Alexa are enabled in the technology.
  • Smart television has Wi-Fi connectivity with the best artificial intelligence technology.

LG Nano91 86 (218.44cm) 4K NanoCell TV

  • Lg nano cell television freighting the best video, sports, and gaming quality with enhanced 4K resolution.
  • RGB color is the fundamental thing in the picture quality. Nano cell technology in television applies nano particles to the pictures that filter the dull color from the image and represent the high-quality vision.
  • Nano cell technology that enhances the pure color provides an incredible image covering the whole screen of the television.
  • Generation three microprocessor provides the spectacular sound and picture viewing experience.

Why 8K Resolution television?

If you are an existing user of 4K resolution and want to jump to further upgraded technology like 8K, which will be great. This is a good jump as it delivers more pixels with 7680 x 4320 horizontal pixels. It is a staggering upgrade in technology, and it will be soon in great demand in the consumer market.

Most of the television manufacturing market invests high on the 8K resolution technology. But all the streaming applications like Netflix, prime video, and youtube and in 4K resolution faces the major technicality due to unstable internet connection.

And, due to network instability and taxing, the 8K resolution might not work in an efficient way that it can be. The price of the 8K screens is much more than the 4K screen, but the streaming power and picture quality are far way better than the 4K resolution. Let’s view on some 8K resolution television and technology:

LG NanoCell 99 Series 2020 75 inch Class with Gallery Design 8K Smart UHD NanoCell TV w/ AI ThinQ

  • With 8K resolution enjoy the best quality video, games, and best sound quality. It raises the standard in LED picture quality in the market.
  • Nano color technology provides the natural, lifelike contrast in pictures. Nanotechnology offers picture quality at a wider angle and in precise form.
  • Thirty-three million pixels give the 8K resolution to the television.
  • 8k pictures seemed to be more attractive and affectionate with the most advanced new generation microprocessor. Noice control, AI powerful sound.

LG Nano99 165.1 cm (65 inch) Ultra HD (8K) LED Smart TV, 65NANO99 (2020)

  • The advanced microprocessor use in this television makes the 8K resolution consideration more in the market higher.
  • Smart features with less power consumption, no noise, and vibration.

Wrapping up

Now that you know the features, it becomes easy to get the right television for home like buying a 60 inch LED TV. Make sure you are investing in the right model.

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