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How to Dress Like a Minimalist with Womens Clothing

Actually, a minimalist closet can be anything you want it to be, and “boring” may not be on your wish list. The basic principles of a minimalist wardrobe is to streamline the the essentials, keep only the items you need, going for quality over quantity, and choosing pieces that are versatile instead of trendy. In this way, you are going to save money as your purchase volume will be reduced, even if the statement items you buy are higher quality and more expensive than what you currently own. However, you can also save more time because your wardrobe will be smaller and most of the wholesale womens clothing in your closet will work together. Therefore, no more marathon sessions of trying on garment to determine what to wear.

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It sounds pretty good. But if you are used to maintaining a huge closet and experimenting with various colors, patterns, and funky silhouettes, then you may still worry that if you reduce and turn off most of the brightness, you will end up feeling bored with neutral colors. Minimalist dressing may not be suitable for everyone, but high-quality fabrics, interesting proportions, and great attire are things that everyone can enjoy. Keep reading the article below to learn how to dress like a minimalist with womens clothing.

  1. The Beauty of Minimal Look

    shestar wholesale Single Breasted Knotted Hem Feather Shirt The beauty of minimal dressing is that it can draw trends and loud patterns into the spotlight and focus on the contours of the clothing. This means that it is an excellent time to experiment with interesting new takes on classic items. The same white shirt can be found anywhere, rather than looking for a shirt that can transform a familiar shirt fabric into a new silhouette with a unique neckline or interesting sleeves.
  2. Focus on One Point

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    If you want to make a minimal piece of garment more attractive, make sure to choose the piece as the focal point of the whole. Throw on a simple pair of pants with a sculptural top, or an elegant dress with a leather jacket. Likewise, a basic T-shirt goes well with a pleated skirt, and a pair of skinny jeans is the perfect companion for a subtly draped poplin top. You can even consider accessories as the main candidates as the focus of your attire, and then match some personalized shoes with stylish and smooth clothing.
  3. Less is More

    shestar wholesale Plus Size Bowtie Neck Daisy Print Shirt When you try to minimize the size for the first time, you may want to increase the number of layers or accessories to increase the visual interest of the garment made of solid fabric. But if you love the cut of your outfits, you should trust them to make a statement for you rather than layer all the accessories over it. Put back your oversized scarf and try to wear small and delicate earrings instead, or resist the desire to wear a flashy pair of high heels and go for a simple pair of flat shoes instead. When you step out of your comfort zone, you may find your beloved new look.
  4. Looking for New Silhouettes

    shestar wholesale Stripe Sleeve Pocket Smock Dress As you decide to shop for fewer clothes and wearing them more, now it’s the perfect time to not only rock your favorite styles, but also find new silhouettes to elevate your look. Some women are most comfortable in trimmed and tailored attire, but a favorite style of minimalist dressing table is the cleverly oversized look. If all of the current clothes in your wardrobe are tight-fitting, try something loose-fitting and draped for a change of pace.
  5. Make a Contrast

    shestar wholesale Notched Neck Solid Knitted Pullover Many minimalists have only a few classic colors in their closets, such as white, navy and the indispensable black. Of course, this is not the only way to be minimalist, but if it is the strategy you choose, then you will not be limited to monochromatic ensembles. Some placement of contrast will greatly increase the interest of clothing composed of simple parts and a few accessories.
  6. Consider Your Accessories

    shestar wholesale Women Fringe Trim Woven Leather Tote Shoulder Bag One of the biggest advantages of a minimalist closet is that you will shop for less, but get better parts made of high-quality materials and destined for a longer lifespan. So why not try to extend these benefits to your accessory range, as well? Instead of purchasing and owning dozens of pairs of shoes, consider which style is the most versatile and durable. Instead of always changing a handbag for every piece of clothing, try to find one that will match everything or almost all of the items in your closet.

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