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How to Evaluate the Quality of Office Cleaning by Professional Office Cleaners London

When you hire office cleaners London for your office to be wiped clean, you expect it to appear good and be sure that germs and dust had been getting rid off once and for all. A glance over the place, might not be sufficient to tell you what your cleaners’ efforts have achieved. So how can you assess the quality of the office cleaning and make sure that you got the exact services you requested for?

1. See their performance

Assess the cleaners performance on did they show up on time? Did they make an effort to properly clean your place? Did they handle all the details proficiently? a company that never show up on time or, worse, does not show up whilst scheduled clearly imply that they cut corners in some other manner, too.

2. Check the busiest areas in the office

The busiest places in your office like bathrooms, as an example–see the most traffic during the entire day. They easily accumulate clutter, and they’re easy to get messy. If you see obvious stains and messes in those regions of the office, it indicates that the cleaners were not paying proper attention to your cleaning.

3. Check the cleaning supplies

In this make sure that the right cleaning supplies have been used to clean your place. Your floors must be clean and not sticky or slippery. Your counters need to be scrubbed down and there are no residual stains or sticky spots. Preferably, you want a cleaner that uses eco-friendly products for exceptional cleaning, and a hygienic environment. Your cleaning products may have an extensive effect on the air quality in your office, so ensure you research the cleaning supplies your cleaner makes use of.

4. Look for dust

Check and run your finger on countertops, windowsills, or shelves. If your finger gets dust and grime, it can be a sign that your cleaner isn’t fulfilling its obligations. Keeping your place dust-free is important. It makes a great difference in your indoor air quality; it also has a great influence on the overall appearance of your place. In case you observe dust beginning to accumulate, it’s time to change your cleaning company.

5. Check and see the rubbish is dispose off

The rubbish needs to get rid off from the building, including garbage from containers or any rubbish left lying on the floor or the counters. In case your garbage frequently overflows because the cleaning company fails to empty them right away, or if you note that they did not throw away the garbage each time they come in, it is a clear indication that the cleaner isn’t completing their responsibilities in the right way.

You want a cleaning service with a purpose to deliver the best clean each time. At Chores & Paws International, we strive to ensure that your office is as clean as possible–and that you get the service you deserve. Get in touch with us now to learn more, or fill out our form for a free quote.