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How to fix QuickBooks Banking Error 324 and 106?

The QuickBooks error 324 and 106 faced by QuickBooks users when the online banking service has used. This is not the only situation, however, in which the problem can see. Sometimes, multiple temporary files in Windows computers or incorrect internet settings can also result in these QuickBooks errors 324 or 106. On other versions of the accounting software such as QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop, the same error can be found due to several reasons. We believe that checking for malware, reinstalling the Intuit software, and configuring the internet settings can work in troubleshooting the error.

What is Error 106 or 324 in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks users can come across the error 324 or 106 when the accounts have not been found by the software. Thus, when you are trying to sign in for using the online banking service, QB may be unable to find your account. Till the time this error is not solved, your account won’t be found. As a result, you may be unable to use the service for that duration.

What Causes QuickBooks Online Error 324 or 106?

An online banking issue like the error 324 or 106 can come up because of these causes:

  • The installation of the software may be incomplete.
  • Windows registry that is linked to the software may have become corrupt.
  • There may be a virus or malware on your system. It may be affecting the files of QB.
  • Your QuickBooks files may have been deleted by the other programs installed on your computer.

How Do I Fix QuickBooks Error 324 or 106?

An easy way to troubleshoot the error 324 or 106 in QB is by disconnecting your bank account. Several QuickBooks users have been able to fix the error by configuring the internet settings. In many instances, reconnecting the account assisted in settling the issue. You can also prefer updating your Windows system for removing the continued presence of the QuickBooks error 324 or 106.

Fix 1: Disconnect Your Bank Account from QuickBooks

Your bank account could be a reason for seeing the online banking error 324 or 106 while running the QB software. Disconnecting your bank account from the software can help you succeed in fixing the error. To disconnect it, you can locate Transactions in the software. From there, head to Banking. Use the option of Bank Account here and push the Edit icon. Finally, navigate to Account. First press Disconnect and then select the Delete option.

  • Run “QuickBooks”.
  • Click on “Transactions”.
  • Go to “Banking”.
  • In this tab, look for “Bank Account”.
  • Press “Edit”.
  • Visit the section of “Account”.
  • Now, opt for “Disconnect”.
  • Tap on “Delete”.
  • By pressing the “Delete” option, your bank account will get disconnected from QuickBooks.

Fix 2: Try Configuring the Internet Settings

Not so frequently but you may find your internet connection being unable to execute some processes. This may cause QB error 324 or 106 to arise. Configuring the settings of your internet can be a workaround for this error.

You can start by rebooting your router as well as your system. After rebooting, you can inspect the wire connections. Also, look at the switches. Make repairs or replacements as per the requirement. Then you can configure the LAN setting to make certain that your internet connection can properly work. When this has been done, you can check whether the error is still occurring in QuickBooks.

  • Reboot your wifi router.
  • In this step, start rebooting your computer.
  • Examine all the wire connections associated with your computer and router.
  • Make repairs to the wire connections.
  • Ensure that all the switches involved are working.
  • Now, use your internet and make certain that its connection is not weak.
  • See to it that “LAN” has not been disabled.
  • Sign in to “QB”.
  • After using it for some time, verify whether you can find the error 324 or 106 in QuickBooks.

Fix 3: Attempt to Reconnect Your Account

Several users have reported seeing a link for Reconnect My Account accompanied by the error 324 or 106 in QuickBooks. The link is useful for reconnecting your account. Doing so can be of use for getting rid of this error. As you press the link, you will be taken to the option for picking the account which has been updated. Then you can use the given URL for opening the site of your bank for logging in.

  • Run “QuickBooks” on your device.
  • Do the activity that prompts the error 324 or 106 in the accounting software.
  • When the error has emerged, the link for “Reconnect My Account” will come up. Click on it.
  • Choose that account that has been updated with your bank.
  • Visit your bank’s website. The “URL” for the same can be obtained via online banking.
  • Signing into your account is the next step.
  • After this, “QuickBooks” can be accessed.
  • Ensure that the error is not persisting now.

Fix 4: Download and Install the Updates for Windows

QuickBooks can be used on computers with different operating systems such as Windows. Regardless of the OS of your computer, it needs to update. Speaking of Windows, not installing the updates may be the root cause of the online banking QuickBooks error 324 or 106. In this section, we have shared how you can manually check whether any updates are available for your Windows system. Then you can download the available updates as well as install them.

  • Click on “Start”. Alternatively, you can tap the “Windows” key. Choose “Settings”,
  • Find the icon of “Settings”. Then select it.
  • Navigate to “Update & Security”.
  • Choose “Windows Update”.
  • Tap on the option of “Check for Updates”.
  • Look for “Advanced Options”. Using it, go to “Choose How Updates have Installed”.
  • Finally, click on “Automatic (Recommended)”.
  • Wait for the Windows updates to get downloaded and installed.
  • For implementing the updates, shut down the system. Then restart it.
  • Now, visit “QuickBooks”.
  • Start executing the accounting tasks. The QuickBooks errors 324 & 106 in the software may not witnesse.

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