Fix Workplace Stress

How To Identify And Fix Workplace Stress In 2022

I’m delighted to inform you about The Inner Game of Stress at Work — How to Assess and Manage Stress Workplace Stress, a new workshop and coaching solution for workplace stress management, which I have found for you through my research and experience.

Even though my primary focus is a strategic plan, coaching, and advising in the art of company growth, digital marketing, customer service, and sales enablement, I’m on a mission to assist individuals in identifying and managing workplace stress.

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Here are five significant reasons why corporate and community leaders should begin monitoring and managing workplace stress RIGHT NOW:

  1. Look around; stress is the number one public adversary.
  2. The most significant productivity killer in the office is stress.
  3. Three out of every four healthcare appointments are the result of stress.
  4. Stress is responsible for 60 per cent or more of all illnesses and severe disorders.
  5. Stress costs US businesses more than $300 billion per year. Which doesn’t include the current pandemic, remote working, and other factors.

The most excellent approach to help me assist others is introducing me to business owners, non-profit leaders, and others ready to DO something by standing up to workplace stress with me.

The bottom line is that if we understand the causes and consequences of workplace stress. We have a greater chance of being happier, healthier, and more productive at work, at home, and everywhere else.

In summary, when we confront stress front on, we may become our best selves. This is about establishing a difference in the lives of millions of individuals who are suffering at work.

Stress may also be Personal.

Another critical factor is that stress management is a personal matter for me. In my early forties, quickly after selling the firm I had worked so hard to develop over the previous 12 years, I allowed untreated stress overwhelm me.

I fell bankrupt in all aspects of my life: financially, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. The culprit was stress. I didn’t know what I didn’t know about stress, and it cost my family, coworkers, and me dearly.

Hurt my lower back as a result of the tension. I walked on a Walgreens walker (acute, royal blue) couldn’t sleep, eat, or work. I did not know how I would get out of that problem. It was a terrible sensation, not knowing what to do, especially when developing.

Finally, I received extensive assistance and underwent significant surgery. Thank god for my family, friends, and experts who assisted me in getting back on my feet.

When we are stressed, we cannot work, earn an income, support our families, or feel good about our jobs or lives. The Inner Game of Stress at Work and How to Determine and Manage Stress in the Workplace provides clarity, confidence, and empowerment. This is what the stress assessment and coaching program are all about.

Learn about the Inner Game.

Finally, in the newest book, Radical Clarity for Business by Clifford Jones — How to Empower People for Better Work Results, He discusses the “Inner Game.” Because I intended to keep the book brief, I didn’t go into great length into inner game routines. My new individual at work is all about crushing tension. Now is the ideal time.

Are you ready to join me in combating workplace stress?

To get started, join such free strategy sessions and a sneak peek at a cheap, efficient solution for controlling workplace stress and productivity.