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How to install macOS Catalina on VMware workstation?

Though macOS Catalina isn’t the latest Mac operating system. But it is the mostly used Mac operating system as per the Apple unveiled statistics. The reason behind it is, that macOS Catalina has variety of new features then prior ones. And secondly, macOS Big Sur has been launched completely. Still there are some bugs. And the folks are facing issues the lastest macOS.

Anyways, a big number of people are using non mac computers. and desires to install macOS on their computer like me. So, for this the most efficient and successful method is the use of VMware workstation. Vmware workstation is the Virtual machine software, that allows non mac computers to install macOS. And use it simultaneously with the host operating system. But the real question is, How to do that. So, below we are going to guide you through the complete process to the final installation of macOS Catalina on Vmware workstation.

So, sit back, relax and read on!

How to install macOS Catalina on a Vmware workstation?

Download and install Vmware workstation:

Undoubtled, the first step is the downloading of VMware workstation software. You can download the software from “” after paying the fee. Once you pay the fee. You are given accessed the download page of the software,where you can download it.

After downloading the software, the installation process is also quite easy and straight forward. You can install the VMware workstation just like the regular software on the web. Just go the download folder. And double click on the downloaded file. And accept the terms and after few steps. The installation will embark on. And complete sucessfully.

Download the macOS Catalina ISO or DMG file:

Now, you need to download the macOS Catalina DMG or ISO file. Becuase, VMware workstation allows these two file types for the installation. And the operating system, you are going to install. You need its DMG or ISO file. These file formats are available free online. Where you can download them without paying for money.

install macOS Catalina

But you need to have stable internet connection. Becuase, the files are about 7GB. If the file faced any issue during downloading. So, this can make the installation unsuccessful. Therefore, try to download the file in one circle. Once you download the file, It is time to proceed to the next step.

Create Virtual machine:

Now, before you install macOS Catalina. You need to create a virtual machine for Catalina. So, for this head over toward the VMware software.

  1. Start the VMware software.
  2. Hit the Create new virtual machine button.
  3. Now provide the name of OS, that you want to install and continue.
  4. Then, in this step, you need to partition some systems specs between the guest and host OS. You need to partition the RAM, CPUs and storage between them.
  5. We recommend you to equally distribute the CPU and RAM between the macOS Catalina and host OS. So, that non of them show sluggish performance.
  6. And as long as the storage, RAM and CPU is partitioned. Now, you can move on. and conclude this process.

The most diffecult part for most people are the virtual machine creation. Becuase, most of people don’t have technical knowledge. And in this step you need a bit technical knowledge. Anyways, completing this stage takes you to the final part. Where you can install the macOS Catalina on VMware workstation

Install macOS Catalina on VMware:

The installation process is quite similer to the typical programs. If you have installed macOS before on any system whether the is mac or any other system. This is going to be the same as that process.

You just need to open the VMware virtual machine. Then double click on the file. So the system reboots. After rebooting, then you need to select the DMG or ISO file, that you downloaded. Before, And then select your region, language, Apple ID and so on.

And on the provision of these basic info. The system starts the installation process. Which can take up to 15 minutes. And on sucessful completion. You are fully ready to access the macOS Catalina on VMware workstation.

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Well, virtual machines are the new trends. Everybody is using these to use multiple operating systems on one hardware. But most of the people are still unaware of such tools and programs. However, if you are considering to make such changes to your systems. You can easily do it by following the instructions given here.