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Intuit View My Paycheck – Beginner’s Guide


As technology advances, our lives are becoming more and more convenient in every way. Intuit’s site ViewMyPaycheck allows employers to offer their employees access to information regarding their paycheck QuickBooks Payroll online.

The Intuit View My Paycheck gives employers great convenience as they don’t need to print and mail pay stubs every payday. The feature also gets rid of the need for replacing defective stubs. So, this is a very useful feature for every employer out there.

In this article, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the view of my paycheck features, including how to resolve the “View My Paycheck Not Working” problem. Let’s get you started.

View My Paycheck Demystified

View My Paycheck is an award-winning online portal that’s recognized worldwide for offering employees a self-service sort of access to their pay stubs and tax information in a single place. It’s easy for you to access information related to your payrolls such as net pay, tax deductions, and your existing pay stubs any time you want to do so.

With the multiple-device access feature enabled, you can use your laptop, personal computer, tablet or smartphone to access Intuit view my paycheck on the go! Continue reading for more information on how you can get started with this software program.

Getting Started with Intuit View My Paycheck – The Basics

The basic thing you may need to know is to create and have access to view my paycheck. To do so, you’ll need to do the following:

Create an Account with Intuit: The majority of organizations or companies utilize Intuit product-related products that allow them to account for the states of their finances at ease and prepare taxes. If you have an Intuit Online Payroll Support already, then you can utilize it to log in or create a brand-new account when you complete the signup process. So, go to the official website portal of ViewMyPaycheck to start and complete the signup process for the Intuit View My Paycheck account. You can make use of any of your devices as long as they have an internet connection and a compatible web browser. 

Install QuickBooks: Once you have created an Intuit account, the next thing will be to download, install, and utilize QuickBooks in managing your payroll through Intuit cloud services feature. You can utilize QuickBooks in creating and sending payroll data, any time of the day. Additionally, you can run the whole payroll and immediately upload your paycheck any time Intuit requests to do that.

Enter SSN and net pay information: You must enter your SSN together with your net pay, which is also known as the take-home pay in View My Paycheck.

How to Access Intuit View My Paycheck via a Web Browser

First, you must make your laptop or personal computer connected to a good internet connection. From there, open any of your web browsers or one that you utilize frequently, and with the help of the internet, visit the official view my paycheck web portal.

Click on the “ Sign Up ” button and enter your email address in the box provided. You might receive a message that says that “ An Intuit account has already been associated with this ID”. If you see such a message, then click on the “ Sign In ” button and enter the email address together with your password to access your Intuit account. 

However, if you don’t get such a message, then you’ll get a prompt to come up with a strong password. A strong password should have at least eight characters. The particular password is what you’ll then utilize in signing in to your Intuit View My Paycheck account. Therefore, you must ensure you remember to store it somewhere safe.

The next step is to select a security question as a way to enhance your password. You’ll also be using this question to access your account in case you have forgotten your password or user ID to the View My Paycheck Intuit account. Upon completion of the process, click on the “ Sign Up ” link. Enter your net pay and the social security number details which can be collected from the issued paycheck previously. Once you do that, click on the All Done ” link.

Things to Explore After Signing into your View My Paycheck Intuit Account

Upon signing in, you’ll have the opportunity to explore so many features under one roof. Some of the features are described below.

ViewMyPaycheck itemizes all your present and end-of-the-year earnings and any deductions created to the same to allow you to understand the techniques that were utilized in calculating your paycheck to date.

If you’re looking to take a print copy of your current pay stub, then it’s easy for you to do so. All you need to do is to save a copy of it to your device’s local drive or even open it as a PDF document. To do that, click on the “ Save As PDF ” link and the copy will be saved on your system’s local drive, pen drive, or an external hard disk, and easily print them according to your needs.

In case you require getting a notification any time a new pay stub is uploaded to your Intuit Payroll View My Paycheck account, then, all you need to do is to navigate to the “Preferences” section. Ensure the checkbox stating “Send an email whenever new pay stubs are made available” is checked to get an email notification any time a new pay stub has been uploaded to your account.

Besides visiting ViewMyPaycheck, you’ll need to go through your current and previous pay stubs; you can also run the payroll with the QuickBooks Desktop software program. With QuickBooks, you can upload directly any of your current updated paycheck details straight into your pre-existing Intuit account.

Are you Unable to Access your Pay Stubs on QuickBooks Payroll? – How to Troubleshoot the Problem

You must ensure that you’re using the most up-to-date QuickBooks Payroll version to ensure it has all the maintenance and any other needed payroll updates. 

Go to the Employees section and choose “ Manage Payroll Cloud Services”. After that, go back to the home page and view your pay stubs highlighted out.

If you’re unable to find the payroll cloud service feature, then it’s likely that you’re not using the latest QuickBooks Tool Hub App Desktop version which has both the maintenance and payroll updates released installed.

Before you allow your employees to run their View My Payroll, you have to upload the paycheck details into the Intuit account any time a notification regarding the same is emailed to your address provided. Additionally, ensure you upload the respective paychecks at the most ideal time to allow your employees to sign up for free and access the Intuit View My Paycheck from the comfort of wherever they are.


Benefits of Using View My Paycheck Intuit

The struggle that comes with losing a paycheck or locating the suitable individual to leave the responsibility to print the paychecks which have to be issued with the employees can easily be bypassed by utilizing QuickBooks View My Paycheck.

To do that, send an invitation to all your employees and have them join View my Paycheck Intuit so that they can view and print their paychecks easily. By making use of this feature, you’ll be saving the time involved in sending information related to the employees every month.

QuickBooks Payroll Enhanced

It’s easy to pay your employees straight from QuickBooks and receive all the payroll tax forms completed for you thanks to QuickBooks Payroll Enhanced. QB Payroll offers 1099 E-File, labor law posters, workers compensation, employee benefits, payroll application, and a direct deposit.

QuickBooks offers convenience and makes it possible to run payroll in less than five minutes. That helps you to save more than ten hours of work each month. Integrated with QuickBooks as accounting software, you’ll enjoy real-time data updates with accounting data and payroll syncs.

The software program can conveniently share real-time and accurate payroll data to your accountant anytime and same-day straight deposits allow your contractors and employees to be paid as fast as possible.

QuickBooks Payroll

QuickBooks Payroll is one of the best providers of payroll for small businesses. The software helps millions of businesses to do payroll, file taxes, and provide a No-Penalty Guarantee. QuickBooks Payroll will file all your tax forms and payments, pay any penalty fees that they are responsible for, resolve filling issues, and represent you as well as resolve any payroll tax problems with the IRS.

What’s more, they offer US-based and live-support professionals to help you to get your payroll install properly.