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When it comes to Moving services in Halifax, many people put off packing up the garage. That’s understandable given the large number of miscellaneous goods found in garages. Furthermore, many garage things are difficult to pack. It’s easy to become overwhelmed. We’ve gathered our best recommendations on how to pack your garage for a move to make your move less stressful.

Organize Your Garage

Decluttering any room is the first step in packing it up. Sort your belongings into piles based on whether you plan to keep, sell, donate, or discard them. Keep trash bags on hand to quickly dispose of items you can’t keep, donate, or sell. After you’ve gathered all of the stuff you can sell, consider organizing a moving sale to earn some extra cash before your move.

Gather the Necessary Packing Materials

It’s a safe chance that you’ll need more than a few cardboard boxes to pack your garage properly. Instead, use these packing supplies – Moving Boxes of various sizes, Mover’s Wrap, Box/Packaging Paper Tape, Large Bubble, Storage Containers, Box Markers with Knife, Camo Ratchet Straps, and Tie down Rope.


Figure Out What You Won’t Be Able To Bring

Due to safety concerns, movers are prohibited from transporting certain hazardous chemicals commonly found in garages and sheds. If you’re hiring Moving services in Halifax, you’ll need to figure out which of these objects you have in your garage so you can make arrangements to dispose of them before moving day properly.

Objects that cannot be moved include:

  • Flammable and hazardous materials (gasoline, paint, aerosol cans, charcoal, etc.)
  • Explosives (primers, propellants, fireworks, ammunition) 
  • Corrosives (acid-containing batteries)
  • Power tools with a full tank of gas (lawn and garden equipment)
  • Soil, fertilizer, and plants

If you’re unsure where to dispose of hazardous materials in your home, contact your local public works agency or municipality for guidance. 

Before Packing Anything, Make Sure It’s Clean

It’s a good idea to clean your items before storing them away. You don’t have to scrub every single thing. However, you should wipe items down with a moist cloth at the absolute least. You’ll be able to avoid bringing any dirt or dust into your new house this way. If your garage has any refrigerators or freezers, make sure you empty and clean them. 

Take All Of Your Tools With You

After you’ve depleted all power tools of fuel, they’re safe to store. It’s better to utilize the original packaging your tools came in if you have them. To stay organized, disassemble all chords and batteries but keep them in the same package.

For storing any loose tools, plastic storage containers are ideal. In most cases, tools are too heavy to be held in cardboard boxes. If you have any loose garden tools, make careful to secure them. Keep extensive garden tools wrapped together while packing. You can use a rope to tie them together or a substantial Moving services in Halifax blanket to wrap them in.

When Feasible, Use Customized Boxes

Packing a garage is a unique process in part because the contents of one garage may be quite different from the contents of the garage next door. So, depending on what’s in yours, one or more of these unique boxes will help you pack a little simpler.

Dish Barrel Box: Perfect for storing excess dishware in the garage, including fine china, holiday plates, stemware, crystal, and more.

Sport Utility Box: This box, which stands at 48 inches tall, is excellent for packing and transferring golf clubs or other long, oddly-shaped garage equipment.

Book Boxes: If you have a book, magazine, or comic book collection in your garage, try storing them in this robust, double-walled box.

Large/Extra Large Moving Boxes: Both sizes are ideal for moving tools and other garage items such as sports balls, small appliances, holiday decorations, and more.

You Should Label Your Boxes

We recommend labelling your garage boxes “Garage,” just as we advocate labelling all of your moving boxes by room in Moving services in Halifax. You’ll be able to take these boxes straight to the garage this way. For simple organizing, we recommend putting the contents of each box on a piece of paper.

 Keep Your Appliances Safe

If you have a refrigerator or washer and dryer in your garage, cover it in a Quilted Pad to protect it from dents, scratches, and dings while you’re moving. Then wrap the blanket in Mover’s Wrap to keep it in place. 

Obtain The Services Of A Professional Moving Company

We hope you found these garage packing suggestions helpful. Consider hiring a professional moving service in Halifax if you’d instead leave this laborious process to the professionals. The top-rated Halifax’s moving company provides full-service relocations so you can concentrate on the joy of moving into your new home. 

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