Manipal ICAS Graduation Courses

How to Plan a Career During Manipal ICAS Graduation Courses?

Everyone gets super excited and fascinated by the DBGI course’s college graduation life experience. But because of the shiny atmosphere, students sometimes lose track. They think that they are in college and all the three or four years are all about enjoyment and that’s where they make mistakes. They have their whole life to work but now they should live and have fun.

How great it would be if you landed your first job before leaving college or passing out the graduation program. Here in this post, we are suggesting to you a few points be job-ready.

Professional Development Class

Many colleges in India organize these classes to make their students ready for the corporate world. If your college does not organize these activities you can ask your college professors or suggest them to organize these special personal development classes. Another way you can search nearby places where these classes are driving so you can join them. These classes help you to identify and correct your strengths, weaknesses, goals, communication skills, soft skills and encourages you to follow your interest with positive energy and confidence.

Practice interview speech

When you go out for a face-to-face interview or a telephonic round. It starts with a common question: tell me about yourself?

The question is all about knowing your college qualification, achievements, interest, strengths, and weaknesses. You can talk about your internships or competitions or other skills.

You can practice in your group or in front of the mirror and try to improve your pitch to make a good impression on the recruiter.

LinkedIn Appearance

LinkedIn has become the prominent platform that connects Manipal ICAS Courses professionals, job recruiters, business drivers. Job seekers can easily reach out to recruiters and find out the brands and company profiles from there. You just need to set your profile with all the necessary information, profile photo, section including, skills, interest, achievement, internship, experience. Keep updating your LinkedIn profile so it always stands out in search results and newsfeed.

You can set the alerts matching with interest and skills so whenever a job opportunity is open somewhere you will get the notifications. You can check, connect and send your resume for the role.

Make connections with classmates/professors

LinkedIn is a great platform for networking. While you are in college, attend as many seminars as you can. Participate in educational, and co-curricular activities whether the students and professors belong to your college and group or not. The interaction and connections will help you to explore the activities happening around you. It helps to get the news and updates of your interest, you may grab wonderful opportunities.

You can connect to former students or seniors who have passed out from college and are working in a reputed company. They can help you to find out the opportunities or sometimes the experience of other individuals teaches you a lot like what things you should avoid or what you should do.

Job Fairs

Many companies and government organizations release career fairs and Manipal ICAS job fair events for all job seekers. They look for talented candidates. You should go there as an applicant if it is in your reach or related to your interest. In case you don’t succeed at first it will give you experience. Try to figure out your mistakes and improve yourself for further opportunities.

Internship programs

You can join the internship during your graduate programs and it will add on the additional point in your CV/ Resume. Candidates with the additional experience and skills make a good impression. You can find internship opportunities on your campus in various departments. You can ask for support and opportunities from your college professors. This internship helps you to understand the work culture. It will help you to figure out the right career path for you.

Through these internships, you can make great connections with your DBGI interest field.

Informational Interview tutorial/ Mock Interviews

You can find the interview videos on youtube or other social platforms. You can find real candidate interviews or mock interviews of different companies related to the private or government sector.  These interviews help you to prepare yourself for the interview rounds. Watch these videos carefully to try to figure out behavior, action, pitch, answer techniques, soft skills, personality look, questions. Note down the important questions and try to practice them so, when you have your first encounter for the interview you’ll not feel nervous and crack the interview with full confidence.

These interview questions will help you to understand the career scope, role, designation, responsibilities. In case you don’t align with the interviewer’s requirements they can ask you to suggest any other candidate in your circle that can manage this task better.

To grab a job you should keep learning the skills related to your interest and career. Discover the options available out there and focus on them. Ask your connections, talk with your seniors, search over the web for the latest courses, technologies discovered in your field. Explore the place where you can find the best opportunities to work.

All these points will help you to secure a good job at the end of your dbgi courses/ Chandigarh university courses.