How to Plan a Wedding in 2020- What to Know If You’re Planning a Wedding During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Everybody dreams of having a perfect wedding. Alas! The year 2020 till now is far from being perfect. The pandemic has actually been a difficult phase in most people’s life. So, if your wedding date is in 2020 – what will you do? Will you cancel the same or look for plan B? Well, life is filled with instances where man proposes and god disposes. The year 2020 is also something like that. If your wedding date is someday in the remaining part of 2020 then look for plan B. Yes, you can actually have your wedding but here are some important aspects to always keep in mind.

Here are things to now if you are planning a wedding during the coronavirus pandemic?

#1: Read through the Government Notices: Though Government is allowing public gatherings, there are lots of parameters to be kept in mind. Also, there is a ceiling on the number of guests you can invite. The first thing will be to actually read through the notices. Read to understand what all are allowed and what all are not allowed in the wedding. This is important as you do not want any last-minute changes or hiccups.

#2: Curb your guest list: This is also an important aspect of the wedding that is cutting the guest list. Ensure that you only invite as many people as per the government regulations.

#3: Keep Precautions in place: On the wedding date, there will be lots of guests coming to the event. It is important that their safety is kept in mind. So, please install lots of precautions all over. Things like thermal temperate check, touch less sanitizers and masks should be in abundance for the guests to use.

#4: Keep an eye on sanitation: It is important to constantly sanitize the food and venue to ensure nothing gets contaminated with the virus. Keep extra staff to only check on hygiene.

#5: Do shopping online: It is your wedding, then it is obvious that you will want to do loads of shopping. Try and refrain from going to malls as the chances of catching the virus is high. Rather, it is better to indulge in online shopping that will help to safeguard you from the virus. If you are wondering from where you can order online wedding invitations, then Seven Colours card is your best bet. They have a huge array of cards that one can choose from.

In fact, to make the matter light you can also gift sanitizers and masks with the wedding invitation. These are simple but effective ways of safeguarding at time of Corona virus.

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