How to Start an Internet Radio Station legally from Home (Updated Step-By-Step Guide)

Learn How to Make a Radio


Start an Online Radio Station Legally & Expand your reach from your town to the other side of the world. There are endless possibilities in Starting an Internet Radio Station from Home. Learn How to Start Broadcasting Legally. Furthermore, you will not only learn How to Start & Run an Online Radio Station from scratch but also convert it into a profitable business! So Start an Internet Radio Station with Riggro Digital & be your Boss. Start now for Free!

In this Step by Step guide, learn to Start an Online Radio Station with amazingly simple techniques.

Step # 1 Learn How to decide your Radio Concept?

Before Setting up an Internet Radio Station, you must analyze the below pointers! This is where your story begins! So ask yourself:

  • What`s your Online Radio Station concept?
  • Who’s your target audience?
  • Who’s your target community & what content you are going to Broadcast?
  • Are you going to play songs or is it going to be talk Radio?
  • Will you have RJs or you shall Stream recorded content?
  • Which other Internet Radio Broadcasting Software are you going to use along with Riggro Cast?

Step #2 Decide name and logo for your online radio station

It’s most important to explore different names and choose one that best describes your Station! Choose a name that reflects the identity of your Online Radio station. In doing so, you may consider the specialties in your area. For Instance, it may be the name of your town or something that connects immediately with your Listeners. Example: Food, cultures, dialect, person name, a word that is associated with you. Moreover, choose a tagline with a creative rhyme. Create a simple yet easily readable logo at a glance. You may refer to our Logo designs, Here.

Step #3 Get Reliable Radio Hosting Servers from Riggro Digital

Riggro Digital offers the World’s Best Internet Radio Hosting with amazing Features. Our Streaming plans include free shout cast & Ice cast at Rs 500/month Start your Radio career. So gear up to Rock the World with the power of 4 in 1 Server by Riggro Digital & create your online radio station, Now.

Step # 4. Royalty, Music & Content:

For streaming any music on your online radio, you can obtain permissions from the music owners. You can approach smaller brands, YouTubers & upcoming artists who also need a platform to promote their music. Riggro Digital has several clients who play Royalty-Free Music. The other option is to pay their Royalty fees to play their Music. You can bargain with them to charge the lowest Music Royalty. Songs are very easily available on Google. So Apart from Listening to Music listeners nowadays want to hear informative programs on Radio. Eventually, this can be a great opportunity for you to make a Talk Radio.

Step # 5. Learn How to Build a Radio and Setup Studio Equipment

To create the best Radio Station, you need the best Radio Broadcasting Software as well as support. Thus you can broadcast like a Pro. Riggro Digital not only supports in Starting your Internet Radio but also helps you to set up your Studio. We guide you to buy the best internet radio station equipment.

Step # 6. Learn How to upload, Schedule and Broadcast your content

In the first place, it is important to upload your Music and Content. We provide you with Riggro Cast- Your Radio Broadcasting & Automation Software. Now, it’s time to Start your Radio Server. Additionally, you can upload Radio properties like capsules, sparklers, and station identification & make your station sound like a Pro. Eventually, you can create separate Auto DJ accounts & your RJs can schedule their Shows as per their Show times. Once you are set, let our Radio Broadcasting Software with (AI) Artificial Intelligence do the rest for you.

Step # 7. Get Free Radio App

Get fully-featured Android Radio App Free which comes along with several Premium features like monetization, social page, news tab, color themes changer, direct WhatsApp & social share, etc.

Step # 8. Get Free Google Play Store Listing

Once your Android app is ready we create your store listing & rollout your App on the Google Play Store. That means we upload your Radio App on the Google Play Store. Thus you can download & share your Radio App amongst your communities across the world & grow your listeners.

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