Late-Night Cravings

How to Stop Those Late-Night Cravings?

Eating snacks late at night is a very big mistake. At the time of breakfast or dinner you eat healthy food. In the morning you do exercise to keep yourself fit. But your hard work can get wasted if you start eating snacks in the late night. Sometimes, in spite of not being hungry you start eating snacks just because of taste. It can result in the gain of your body weight because a lot of calories get accumulated in your body when you eat at night. Now I am going to tell you how to stop late-night cravings.

1. Figure out the cause – Eating snacks late at night is the habit of some people. It is necessary for you to find out the problem’s cause so as to get rid of this bad habit. If you do not consume enough food in the day time then it can result in a habit of eating at night. If you are feeling bored then also you can develop this habit. Night eating syndrome and binge eating disorder are some disorders that cause you to eat more and more at night. You can have difficulty in sleeping, depression and obesity because of these two disorders. Once you identify the problem then you will take suitable measures for resolving it.

2. Follow a routine – Sometimes you do not eat sufficient food during the day and eat food late at night. For avoiding this you need to follow a routine. Try to eat and sleep in a structured manner. It will help you in avoiding late-night eating by making you eat more in the day time. Along with this you can easily manage your weight and food intake by getting a good sleep. If your diets are of poor quality and calorie intakes are higher then these are directly related to short sleep or lack of sleep. There are increased chances of obesity because of poor sleep. So, it will be good for you if you sleep and eat at your set times.

3. Do proper planning for your meals – Prepare a meal plan and include it in your routine. Try to eat healthy snacks after doing proper planning for the meals. This will help you in avoiding unhealthy food. Sometimes you have anxiety for the amount of food that you eat. You can avoid this anxiety by preparing a meal plan. This will keep the hunger away at night.

4. Get emotional support – Binge eating disorder or nighttime eating syndrome can cause you to eat more during night. In this situation taking help from a professional will be a good idea. After finding out the reason he will start a treatment plan. He will use CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy). For managing negative emotions, you need to create a network of emotional support. Without doing this you can’t get rid of late-night cravings.  

5. Keep the stress away – Sometimes you are not hungry but still you eat a lot. The reasons behind this are stress and anxiety. It is not good to curb the emotions by consuming so much food. You need to find out if during stress and anxiety you eat a lot or not. If yes then you have to relax yourself and keep the negative emotions away. It has been found that you can get rid of binge eating disorder or nighttime eating syndrome if you follow the techniques of relaxation. Stretching, yoga, hot baths, meditation and breathing exercises are some useful techniques of relaxation.

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