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How to Wash Curly Human Hair Extensions: The Ultimate Guide

Curly human hair extensions are a popular choice amongst ladies with natural curls and for good reason. They’re soft to the touch, look and feel more realistic than straight extensions, and can be a fun way to spice up an otherwise boring hairstyle. 
But curly extensions are a little different from their straight counterparts in that they need to be cared for in a slightly different way. If you’ve just purchased your curly extensions or are thinking of buying some, keep on reading — we’ll teach you how to wash them properly so that your hair not only looks great but also stays healthy.
washing curly hair extensions
Washing Curly Hair Extensions

1. What Are Curly Human Hair Extensions?

Curly human hair extensions are made from natural human hair that has been treated to add curl. Many hair extension styles are available in curly human hair, including straight, wavy and curly. The curl can be in any direction, giving you the ability to choose a style that best suits your natural hair type and the look you want to achieve. Curly Human Hair Extensions come in a few different shapes, including horseshoe, pixie, and headbands.
When choosing a style, one thing to consider is the temperature of your hair before washing them. Washing curly human hair extensions in the sink in cold water is not only less likely to damage the curls, but it also allows your curls to open up easier, leaving fewer frizzy bumps when styling. Washing flakes of curly human hair can turn them brown, so it’s best to wash them before using heat.
For curly human hair extensions, wave it to create maximum movement. We curl our hair to create the look of waves, but waves disappear quickly once the curls are dried. Wave extensions are best washed in cold water to prevent damage.

2. How Do You Wash Curly Extensions?

Curly hair extensions are slightly different from straight hair extensions. They require more care and attention. Here are a few ways you can wash your curly hair extensions:
To properly wash your curly human hair extensions, you need to follow these steps:
  • Put your hair into a hair elastic and secure it with a fraying band. 
  • Then, take your coconut oil and shampoo mixture and either use the mild or more intense conditioning shampoo depending on how you want your hair to look. 
  • Using a mild conditioner is recommended because it will leave your hair feeling soft and hydrated.
Use a curling iron on your extensions if you have them on in wet or damp hair. Turn on the heat and pull the ends of each curl until they’re fully formed. You should only be able to pull the curls out of your extensions if your iron is at an even heat. If the iron is too warm, your curls will turn into crunchy ends. Sometimes, your hair can become damaged if it’s too hot (not that it really matters with curly hair) or too cold (not that it matters either with straight hair).
The solution is simple — alternate your curls with a detangling spray. If that’s all you have to do, great! If you’ll put conditioner after you shampoo, then let it all soak in before you shampoo, let the conditioner absorb into your curls, then shampoo. After shampooing, try detangling your extensions a bit. Shampoo conditioner into your curls at least one time so that the dry shampoo you’ve used somehow works its magic on your curls.

3. What Tools and Products Should You Use to Wash Your Curly Extensions?

Most curly girls wash their hair with sulfate-free shampoos on a daily basis because sulfates can strip the hair of its natural oils and cause dryness, or even breakage. One of the best options for washing curly hair extensions is to use a sulfate-free shampoo. Unfortunately, many pre-shampoo shampoos still contain sulfates because of rampant misinformation online, and despite what you may read on the packaging, sulfates don’t trigger detangling (and won’t weaken the hold of the hair).
Regularly brushing your curl bottle against your scalp will be more than enough to loosen frizzy hair, but if your curls seem to keep building up, it may be time to take extra care with wetting.
Wet hair looks great, but you can use heat to soften your curls right off the bat. Extra hot water just makes the whole process go a bit faster and more visibly, but that’s not all. The hair will retain more moisture as it dries, so each time you re-heat your curls or curl extension it will feel softer than the first time. And for curly hair extensions, don’t skip putting them in a heat-activated conditioner, as it adds fluff to the curls just by suspending the ingredients in water.

4. How Often Should You Wash Your Curly Hair Extensions?

Most hair extension experts agree that you should never wash your hair extensions more than once a week, and with the proper care, you can make it last even longer. The reason that you shouldn’t wash them too often is that the glue can loosen and the bonds between the extension and the hair can fall out.
Because curly human hair is naturally curly, you’ll need to condition it to keep the curls looking and feeling realistic. Conditioners will help achieve soft curls and detangle fine strands out of clumps of hair. You can take a natural hair treatment like a serum or use an encapsulated one from a salon, depending on if you’re looking to leave your curls soft or stronger.

5. Conclusion:

In the end, it’s all about maintaining your curly hair extensions with love and care! If you are looking for Curly Hair Extensions UK, see no further Buy from Cosmetize UK right away!

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