How Visual Product Configuration Will Benefit Businesses

We all do online shopping and have received products or services which do not match our expectations once a lifetime. This breaks the trust of the user towards the brand and has double thoughts while shopping again. The customers preferably avoid shopping again and switch to another website in search of quality and desired products. So to deal with this issue, many have adopted product configuration which gives the viewer the exact image of the product and also helps in making the variations, if any. The customer can come to know how the product will look after customizing.

Online visual configurators allow consumers to view their customized product according to their specification and other details. It applies to all the kinds of products whether clothes, furniture, interior designing, cosmetics etc. For example, if a website deals in a leather chair, a visual product configuration will help in viewing the product by changing its components and showing variations which may include size, colours, headrest or footrest etc. You will be able to see your customizable product within few clicks before ordering. A product configuration can be of two types-static 2D and interactive 3D. Static 2d is a flat image but the viewers can change the colours of the product with a click, background, material etc. Interactive 3d is an image giving you a 360-degree view that means the viewers can view the picture from every possible angle. Following points will help you to understand the reason to choose visual product configuration:

  • Consumer engagement- Surely visual product configuration will help the consumer to know about the product. It will make them understand what they will receive. The stunning 3d imagery concept will catch consumer attention and will induce their interest to buy it.
  • Less rate of returns- When the consumer will get or receive the exact thing as seen in the image, the chances of returning will fall. This technology helps in viewing the same product and will view the variations which will look just like real ones. This will help the consumer to know how the product will look. Also, this saves the consumer from returning the products leaving them stress free. Plus saving the time and efforts of the suppliers by not resending the product.
  • Scalable- In traditional photo shoots, the professionals used to click all the variations of a single product which incurred lots of time, money and efforts. Clicking the photo of the same product with different colours is hectic. Visual product CGI configurators help in changing the features of a single image through graphics.
  • Augmented reality- Augmented reality (AR) is a technology changing the product into a digital object over the internet. This is widely used in games where you can sit at a place while projecting against different real-world backgrounds. Just like that if you are looking for a couch, you can place it in a bedroom or in a drawing-room to know where it will look best.

So above all are the reasons to choose visual product configuration and is important for ecommerce businesses.