reduce the problem of prematurely white hair

If The Hair Turns White Before Time, These Expert Tips

If your hair is turning prematurely white and their shine is also gone, then you can fix your hair in these ways.

Our hair is very precious to us and if anything happens to them, it looks bad. Especially if they start to become white before time and the beauty of hair also starts to get worse. Now it is not good to dye hair again and again, and if this is happening before time, then there are some ways that you can change the body of your hair. If seen, prematurely white hairs either reflect a diet problem or a bad hair-care routine.

If you are having any such problem also, why not change the hair care routine a little bit to reduce this problem. Expert Ayurvedic doctor Sweta Mehra has told about these tips on her Instagram account, with the help of which we can reduce the problem of prematurely white hair. Most of these are diet problems.

Here is a list of 12 Natural Home Remedies to Reduce White Gray Hair.

1. Include Amla in your diet –

According to doctor initiation, if you include amla in your diet, then it can prove to be very good for white hair. You can include it in your diet in the form of Amla Pill, Amla Juice, etc. It should always be included in the diet during winter.

2. Never forget to apply hair oil-

If Ayurvedic oil is applied to the hair, it will prevent premature whitening. Oil made of shikakai, amla, curry leaves, etc. should be applied to the hair, which prevents the hair from becoming white.

3. Include such food in your diet-

You can include sweet, sour, and bitter food items in your diet that are rich in vitamin C and vitamin A. Avoid eating foods that are spicy, salty, fry, faked, and caffeine. Also, eat non-veg a little less.

4. Put cow’s ghee in the nose-

This is a very old Ayurvedic recipe that not only cures cold and cold, but is also considered very good for hair growth. It is better to put two drops of cow’s ghee in your nose before sleeping.

5. Do not let sleep disturb you

See, sleep is very important for us and it is not only good for many diseases, but it also benefits the hair and skin. If you sleep till 10 in the night and wake up at 7 in the morning and take in the sun, then this can be a very good option.

6. Use these natural things on the hair-

Coconut oil is like a blessing for the hair. This prevents the loss of protein by going deep into the roots of your hair. It helps in reducing hair loss and hair breakage.

The effect of coconut oil on hair is very good. This keeps the scalp cool and at the same time nourishes the hair. Without this-

Aloe vera gel- You can apply aloe vera gel with coconut oil to your hair.

Amla powder- Mix 2 teaspoons of amla powder in 3 teaspoons coconut oil. Heat coconut oil with it until it turns black. Apply this mixture to your hair after cooling it which can darken the hair naturally.

Curry leaves – Boil a handful of curry leaves with coconut oil and apply it to your hair after cooling it. Include curry leaves in your diet as well. The multivitamins and iron present in it prevent the whitening of hair.

7. Must include cow ghee and these things in the diet-

You can definitely include curry leaves, sesame seeds, amla, bitter gourd, and cow ghee in your diet.

8. Aloe vera

Aloe vera is an effective home remedy to prevent hair loss and improve hair growth. It is also effective in reducing scalp problems such as itching and dandruff. Take aloe vera and extract its pulp. Apply it to the hair and scalp and leave it for about 45 minutes.  Then wash the hair with normal water. You can use it 3 to 4 times a week to get better results.

9. Do not wash hair at all with hot water-

One of the reasons why the hair is white is that we wash the hair with warm water. This affects the natural shine and hair follicles of the hair and can also be the cause of early white hair.

Three Ayurvedic herbs that will prevent gray hair –

Hair graying and premature grasping can prevent the three herbs present in Ayurveda.

1. Amla-

Amla is rich in vitamin C, so it strengthens hair follicles. It is one of the best natural remedies to prevent hair loss, which also prevents hair from turning untimely white.

Amla can be used a lot to keep hair black. For this, you include it in your diet as well as by adding fresh Indian gooseberry juice in coconut oil, you can also massage it into your hair. Drinking 30 ml Indian gooseberry juice daily also stops the hair from becoming white. Amla powder can be very good for hair masks.

2. Curry Leaves –

Curry leaves should also be included in your diet to protect the hair from becoming white and at the same time, you can heat it with oil and apply it directly to your hair. It provides a lot of essential nutrients to the scalp.

3. Bhringraj –

The third herb which can be good to stop the hair from becoming white is Bhringraj. You can use it in hair packs etc. You can apply the paste of Bhringraj directly to the scalp and then use it as a hair pack. In it, you can massage on the hair scalp. Bhringraj can help a lot in oil, shampoo, etc.

If you are allergic to any of these ingredients, please do not use them. 

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