Impact of coronavirus on education

Impact of corona virus on education

The period of graduation is back. It’s that time of the year again she the entire social media is filled with graduation pictures, videos, boomerangs, etc. But traditional graduation had to break due to the corona virus outburst.

The closure of the school, universities have reshaped the entire education system and all aspects of living a normal life. Students across the world are facing changes in their studying patterns due to corona virus.

Physical classes were moved to online classes and the course was stretched up to summer. The kind of burden teachers and students had to face overnight by learning the techniques to teach and study online was quite difficult.

The consequences of COVID-19 has taken over the traditional methods of teaching and has affected all the parties related to the education system. But, even though it was a challenge, switching to digital learning has surely brought some valuable lessons.

Very few reputed yet best school in Rajamahendravaram have adapted to this change smoothly yet professionally. One of them is Sri Prakash Org which is dedicated to providing quality education with world-class facilities and infrastructure. They have now grown over having 9 campuses over the state. 

Challenges of Online Learning

The transition surely gave many schools the chance to salvage through the spring semester, but it surely came with its own challenges. Students, teachers had many unexpected obstacles to face. The shift is quite complex than originally thought. 

Technical difficulties 

Technical issues are a part of everyday life. There tends to some technical problems frequently. Even on a normal day in the past, there were technical problems, and when something has a chance of going wrong it surely will. 

It could be unstable WiFi, confusing interface, with this shift surely plays a huge role in online learning. Similarly, teachers and students are finding it quite difficult to adjust to the new normal of studying online that confines to a computer screen. 

This will surely get better as users get more experience but till they actually learn to adjust to this it is surely frustrating to them until they get used to it.

Even the best residential/boarding school in Andhra Pradesh offers an online teaching facility to students wherein teachers are expected to come to school at regular timings and take online classes from the school.

Disrupted Schedules 

Keeping a consistent schedule for younger students is extremely important. They need to be motivated and disciplined in order to follow a consistent schedule. The sudden shift from in-person classes to online classes has surely made it difficult for students to still stay motivated, manage their time, and still be productive throughout the day. 

Students need to surely adapt to study primarily at home without any assistance. This will surely let students explore more and find subjects that interest them more. But for teachers to evaluate their students will be a task. 

Substantial Delays

Due to COVID students and teachers were clueless as to when and how will the classes resume. Sri Prakash Org has organized and has updated with the latest changes.

Being the best CBSE school in Andhra Pradesh, they have made sure the teachers and students cope up with this transmission so that they academic year does not suffice. 

The delay has surely pushed the course to the summer semester. The education system was not fully equipped to shift to online classes. But this transition will surely force the schools to invest in a digital platforms for coursework in the future. 

Struggling Parents 

It’s clearly visible that parents are not really happy to take the responsibilities of being a teacher. For working parents it becomes too much to handle.

Moving to online classes has put a lot of pressure not only on students but also on their parents as they struggle to manage their professional and domestic duties. 

Corona virus has led to many problems and a sudden stop in loving the normal life. It had paused our lives for a while, but we need to overcome it and move forward because time doesn’t stop for anyone.

Therefore, it was the same case with the education system which led them to shift from traditional teaching to online teaching. There are various barriers and obstructions but with time it will surely make the future better.

With time and experience schools have adapted by inculcating their teachers with the latest gadgets and apps with offline and online videos making it available to the students. Sri Prakash Org is one of the best school with good faculty and each one of them are making sure to tackle this problem with ease.

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