Indian Bridal Shopping Online: Essentials You Must Not Forget

As auspicious and exciting the wedding affairs are, they are also as exhausting and worrisome. How, you might wonder. Well, that’s because you need to decide on a lot of things, set a budget and do a lot of shopping. It might seem like the most exciting and easy thing to do but it is not. It is in fact very confusing, and the more the people you take to shop, the more the confusion rises. To ease your shopping spree days, we have compiled a list of Shringaar essentials so that you don’t forget them. Instead of going out to shop all the items you can choose to do your Indian bridal shopping online. Let us see below what they are.

An important element of the solah shringaar concept for brides, alta is like mehndi imprinted on the hand but the difference is that it is a red dye and a quicker way to bedeck hands and foot than mehndi. It is specially popular in West Bengal and Odisha but it’s not limited to that. Anyone can apply the red shade especially on their wedding day. It is considered really auspicious and looks pretty as well.

Right jewelry is the key to a great wedding look but the bridal accessories are something that are so many that you always forget one or the other item. One thing that you might be missing are the brooches. This is something that can also be bought for the whole bride side of the family. You can get them customised to ‘ladki/beti wale’ or however you like. If the bride has got the swag, you can also get the brooches with the name #BrideChilla or #teambride etc.

Clutch/ Potli-
Indian Bridal shopping online or offline must have a clutch or potli in the list. Most times, people forget to include this and get everything else ready. The real challenge comes on the wedding day when the bride has no place to keep her cell phone, lipper, tissues and safety pins. So, do not forget this when shopping.

The Choker is so in trend and makes the whole bridal look so elegant that you just cannot do without it. We consider it a mandate. You can choose the design as per the look you like and prefer for instance, Marathi, Rajasthani or South Indian. Glittery pearls, gems right at the neck are enough to make even a simple lehenga look like a million bucks luxury one.

You can choose to wear any kind of anklet- it can be heavy, with Ghungroos if you like the sound of anklets. It is an essential for every Indian bride during the initial days of her wedding. The tinkles of the ankle are said to be a sign to welcome new health, home and prosperity. There numerous options you can choose from Pajeb to Jhallar, to jhanjhar and Payal.

We hope you made notes for your Indian bridal shopping online from the above-mentioned points. Let us know how you found the information we shared.