Into the Realm of the Rug Market – Know About the Persian Gabbeh

Finding the perfect rug can be a challenge, especially if you are picky over the quality and looks. When in doubt, consider looking into the Persian Gabbeh, a rug that comes with a luxuriously thick pile to sink your feet in for comfort. It will also provide you with an authentic and one-of-a-kind Persian rug. Also known as ‘Gabba’, the tribal Persian rug is easily identifiable by its abstract designs, typically minimal with geometric playful motifs. The rugs are popular with people who live in the Zagros Mountains of Iran, particularly the Qashqai, Luri, and Kurdish tribes.

Despite the simplicity of its designs, the Persian Gabbeh comes usually in green, blue, red, and cream. Of all colors, cream-colored is the most popular. At times, it may appear yellow or golden in tone.  Regardless of the color, you can find a design that will satisfy your taste and suit your home, whatever the kind of interiors it may be=the Western or modern interiors. It may even add a boho-chic vibe and a comfortable look and feel to space, like your living room.

How it’s made

Traditionally, Persian Gabbeh is made by the nomadic tribe of the Qashqai from southern Iran. The weaving results in a long piled, rough cut rug that is made of high-quality wool, and woven on the floor on ground looms. Since nomads were historically moving from one place to another, the weaving process and equipment can easily be rolled up and transported, then set up again. The rugs are carefully knotted with natural wool. Colored Gabbeh is accomplished by using natural dyes, like those made from vegetables.

After weaving, the rug is washed by hand without any chemicals to remove excess impurities and fibers. Any chemical that is present in the wool could cause changes in the color and interfere with the material over time. The Persian Gabbeh has high and dense piles, but they are clipped carefully to make them shorter. Shrinking may be caused by washing, so the rugs are also stretched and laid out when necessary to ensure that they are the right size and to create nice, straight edges.

Be sure to get authentic Persian Gabbeh

Invest in a high-quality, authentic handwoven Gabbeh that represents the great aesthetics of the skilled artisans whomade them. Make sure you are buying from a reputable and established source that is authorized to sell ethnic rugs.

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