3d printing vs sports

Is 3D printing leaving an impact on the sports community?

Ever since 3D printing became affordable, the process has taken the world by storm by impacting almost all areas of society. Today, we can print entire houses, a broken tooth, human tissue, or just a decorative item; the possibilities are endless.

Similarly, the world of sports has seen some advancements due to the impact of 3D printing technology. Let us look at some examples of how this has influenced the world of sports.

What is 3D printing?

Before we look at the benefits of 3D printing, let us first understand what it exactly is. 3D printing is the process of printing an object in 3 dimensions. So rather than your conventional paper printers which print in 2 dimensions, a 3D printer can print upwards too. The technology has become so widespread that it is being used in military, medical, transport, aerospace, and several other industries.

Similarly, it has left its mark on the world of sports too. Now, let us look at how the sporting world has changed thanks to the humble 3D printer.

Easy to customize

One of the biggest benefits of 3D printing is the amount you can customize. You can build any object in the exact micro-proportions you want it to be. This way you can design helmets that will fit better or build bats that can offer a better shot.

When an athlete gets scanned by the printer, a computer will allow you to make changes to the original design. This allows for a more custom fit.

Reduced environmental impact

Another advantage of 3D printing is that it can be done at will. 

Sporting goods are mass-produced and then packed using cardboard and plastics. This can leave a significant mark on the environment.

3D printing allows you to print from the comfort of your home thus eliminating the packaging and other carbon positive activities involved in transportation and logistics.

3D printed objects are of superior quality

Safety is one aspect of sports that cannot be compromised. 3D printing allows you to print good-quality materials that will last longer. Think of tailor-made helmets or mouthpieces designed around your teeth. Once again, the options are endless.

Leads to better performance

This is a simple analogy. If an athlete spends less time involved in procuring their accessory for the sport, the more time they can practice. 3D printing cuts down costs and delivers the product in your hand. This directly translates to better performance.

Increase in participation

Curiosity killed the cat. Suppose you acquire a 3D printed cricket helmet and you take it to show your cricket friends, they will want it too. The ones who can, will try and acquire a way to get a similar product. This gives a new motivation to play the sport and thus increases participation among athletes.

Help for disabled people

One more benefit of 3D printing is that we can provide significant assistance to disabled people. For instance, if a person does not have a leg, instead of making a replacement, they could just print one following consultation from a doctor. This way, a person might be able to walk again.

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