5G Smartphones

Is It a Good Idea to Buy a 5G Smartphone Right Now in India?

In implementing the next-generation 5G network, India is well behind other countries like the US and China. However, this did not deter smartphone companies from releasing 5G mobile phones in India. 

Since the 5G network does not exist in India, and will probably not be available before mid-2021, this seems to be no more than marketing hype, in a race to offer 5G Indian mobiles. For Indian customers, the issue is whether they should buy a 5G mobile, or go with the conventional 4G smartphone. 

Will 5G become mainstream in 2020?

It is presumed that 5G is about a hundred times faster than 4G in terms of internet speeds, and will significantly lower the latency. 5G connectivity is yet to be introduced in several countries. Its usage is limited to a few countries that already have established 5G towers. Secondly, as opposed to 4G network towers, 5G towers cannot distribute transmissions across a wider area while being capable of high-speed data delivery. 

It has also been reported that the user has to stay near the transmitter without any obstruction in between to receive optimal speeds, which is an absolute bummer, since the waves can not travel through obstructions including walls, trees, and buildings due to the extremely high frequency of 5G.

Reasons not to buy a 5G mobile phone right now

Network Issues

Currently, some companies are asking for higher prices for hardware functionality that no network can connect to (or at least for another year). There is no point in investing in a 5G smartphone today. Since the 5G transmitters are limited to a few countries in 2020, buying a 5G mobile in a country without these transmitters will make no sense.

No Value for Money

If the camera quality, gaming experience, or display quality isn’t better, it makes no sense to upgrade from a 4G smartphone that is just a year old. OnePlus 8 smartphone is an excellent example since it does not have an edge over the OnePlus 7T model. At the moment, it is not meaningful enough to upgrade your mobile just because of 5G connectivity.

Company Tactics

As of today, 5G is not the routine. Few companies like OnePlus have gone for ‘5G exclusive’ variants even when the price tags have increased because of the phones being 5G-enabled. In contrast, Realme and other brands have been able to keep the prices in check. It makes sense to wait until brands issue 5G as a standard feature without any extra price tag. Till that time, 5G would have spread to the masses more efficiently, and ultimately you will get a better experience using 5G.


If you want to go for a 5G mobile phone, delay it until the next year or so because 5G is the next standard after 4G. Price tags will be lowered over the next 12-16 months to make your new phone future-proof, and you do not have to pay any additional price. Some of the brands are launched few smartphones under 25000 INR. From affordable smartphones to premium models, all the smartphones will be 5G-enabled in the near future.