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Know About The Benefits Of High-Performance Tyres

Do you use standard tyres? Are you facing difficulties with the standard tyres? Do they wear out quickly and earlier than other tyres? If the answer is yes to all questions, you might want to look at a new option – High-performance tyres or Premium tyres.

Premium tyres are usually designed for luxury and sports cars. These cheap tyres Coventry have superior quality components, that make them suitable for high-performance uses. Despite the hefty cost, people have started to buy premium tyres for daily use. This only goes on to prove how beneficial premium tyres are.

Now, to show you the primacy of these tyres, we have gathered some points of benefits. Going through these may convince you to try out premium tyres. So, let’s not waste any more time, and get to the benefits.

Brake Response

The leading cause of accidents is failure or delay in braking. There could be a big pothole, a pedestrian could come out of nowhere or the front car could come to an abrupt stop. In any case, applying the brakes and slowing the car down would save you from accidents.

High-performance tyres have excellent rubber and wider treads that brake rapidly. The braking distance is shorter and the car comes to a stop faster. Thus, premium tyres improve the overall braking reaction.

Better Handling

Premium tyres are made of soft rubber compounds and sturdy sidewalls that help retain pliability, even at high speeds. The treads and grooves are tactfully designed to improve traction and grip.

Due to this, the car will hold the road strongly. It hugs the tight corners smoothly. The maneuverability and curve motion of the car is also enhanced.

The traction, grip, and flexibility, combined with the exceptional brake response, lead to outstanding handling. You are able to control the car through any kind of road.

Less Heating

On hot days or during long journeys, the tyres start to overheat. Overheating is a potential threat, as it can lead to sudden tyre bursts. However, premium tyres provide a solution for it.

The advanced material used in the design of high-performance tyres prevents heat build-up. It reduces the chances of a blowout, thereby improving safety.

But, these tyres are designed for warm and mild temperatures. So, if you are in a country where the temperature falls below 7°C, prefer winter tyres. Winter tyres are specially designed for such adverse cold weather.

Enhanced Experience

With all the above-mentioned benefits, high-performance tyres are bound to give an enhanced driving experience. It will reduce the pressure on the engine and improve the efficacy.

Using premium tyres will give you a ride to remember. Imagine not feeling a single bump, not facing any skid, and not even feeling the speed of a car. It will feel like the car is running on a cube of butter. That means you’ll have a very smooth yet safe ride.


Premium tyres have advanced features that allow them to give maximum performance. They have the following properties that differ from normal tyres,

  • A short but sturdier sidewall to improve handling on turns and curves
  • Lower belts to enhance brake response
  • Wider and more treads to increase the traction and grip on the road.
  • Overlay material to provide for higher speeds.
  • Additional blocks in the tread pattern that leads to better overall handling.
  • Softer rubber compound that enables the tyre to work effectively in hot and rainy weather.
  • Less noise and screeches due to reinforced sidewall and tyre compound.

High-performance tyres might be expensive, but they sure are worth the price. As you read earlier, they offer better traction, enhanced handling, and smooth and noise-free rides.

Tyres could be a feasible option, in case premiums are not available. However, if this article succeeded in convincing you, do try out high-performance tyres. Talk to an expert or approach a garage to find out the availability of the desired tyres.

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