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Know About the Uses of Anti Hail Nets

The anti-hail net is an essential piece of equipment to protect the home garden. Due to the ongoing climate change, hailstorms of high intensity are increasingly frequent, putting at risk all the work done to create the garden. Thanks to special Hail Net for Orchards, however, we can prevent the damage that a sudden and violent hailstorm can cause to crops. The anti-hail net must be placed in the garden with great care, in order to prevent it from being blown away by gale-force winds.

In this article, we see what are the advantages of having an anti-hail net to protect vegetables and fruit trees. Also, we will tell other uses of anti-hail nets.

Why Use the Anti-hail Net

  • Excluding the extreme cases, when strong hailstorms are capable of causing damage even to people or things, it is agriculture that suffers the greatest effects. The damage caused by hail to crops depends not only on the single crop but also on the moment of the life cycle in which the plant is found. For example, all freshly transplanted vegetable species are very susceptible to hail, such as tomatoes, courgettes, aubergines, peppers, lettuce etc.
  • After transplanting into the garden, the young seedlings have tender leaves and stems. Therefore they have little mechanical resistance to the powerful action of ice grains.
  • Another very delicate phase is that off lowering-fruit set, especially in fruit trees such as cherry, almond, peach, plum, apricot, olive, kiwi.
  • However, damage can also occur in the delicate phase of fruit ripening. In this case, the classic example is that of the vine plant, since the delicate berries can be torn by hail.

The Anti-hail Net to Protect Orchards from Hail

To protect vegetable crops and fruit trees from hail, the best solution is the anti- Hail Net for Orchards. These are special nets for agriculture, built with very resistant materials. They have textures with small holes that do not let hailstones pass. In specialized plants, such as a large vineyard, they have impressive support structures. Furthermore, the costs of the nets are high but justified by the great final value of the crop they protect.

Other uses of the anti-hail net

  • In summer, the anti-hail net can perform other important functions. It is also valid as shading net for plants in the hot summer months and as a defence for ripe fruit from birds.
  • The Hailnet for cars can be used to protect your cars from hail. Hailnet for cars can also be used to prevent your other vehicles, such as motorcycles, rickshaws, etc.

It is, therefore, a small investment that can guarantee the protection of our organic crops from abiotic adversities.

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