Know the Mind of a Person With the Help of Astrology

Psychology is a study for reading a person’s mind, but the same can be done with the help of astrology. Astrology is a study of energy which comes from each planet and influences every human being which helps you to know about a person.

 You are surrounded by many people who smile, laugh and cry. You often misjudge them through their outer behavior. With the help of astrology, you can know the actual intentions of person.

Many more theories are framed after analyzing the positions of planets, moon and by examining the natal charts.

A person’s behavior depends on the planet which is ruling him/her. Let’s have a brief look at all of them –

  1. Outer planets

Outer planets are Uranus Neptune and Pluto. Each planet rules different part of your mind. Uranus is said to rule change in you, Neptune control your dreams, where as Pluto has the power to control your power. These planets stay in your house for the longest time and their placement in different houses suggest your areas of thoughts and your lifestyle.

2. Inner planets

Planets closer to the earth are called inner planets. They are Mercury, Venus and Mars. Mercury rules your communications, Venus rules your love life and Mars rules your anger. Placements of these planets in your house influences your day to activity as they are the closest to you.

3. Social Planets

Jupiter and Saturn are known as social planets. These two represents opposite instincts. Jupiter, known as the planet of luck controls your philosophical views and religious beliefs. Saturn controls your freedom. These placements influence your career as well as your personal life.

Learn what is role of planets in astrology deeply.

Acharya Hemant at says that in astrology the position of moon in zodiac sign in natal birth chart helps you to analyze the state of mind. Let’s say if moon is in the 9th house, the native is called conscious person.

Learn what moon placements in the house tell about you.

  • Moon in your 1stHouse

If moon is placed in your 1st house then you are emotional and delicate. You easily get stressed on what other thinks about you.

  • Moon in your 2nd House

Placement of moon in 2nd house says that you are a great spender of money. Also, you have great and attractive look with pleasant behavior.

  • Moon in your 3rd House

This house is known for communication. If moon is present in your 3rd house then you are said to be clever, curious, and communicative.

  • Moon in your 4th House

These natives are of protective and supportive nature towards their relations. They have a sense of true belongingness.

  • Moon in your 5th House

This shows that you are creative and want to keep strong relationship with your loved ones.

  • Moon in your 6th House

This placement creates a negative bond between you and your mother. You wish to be on top of the world and priorities to live a healthy life.

  • Moon in your 7th House

You are a seeker for emotional support. Also, you are business-minded and can be a good trader or merchant.

  • Moon in your 8th House

These people are of depressing nature. You wish to be the center of attraction but choose to stay in boundaries.

  • Moon in your 9th House

Placement of the moon in 9th house brings you more luck and prosperity. These kinds of people are much imaginative and philosophy lover.

  • Moon in your 10th House

These kinds of people are stable at their profession as they feel an emotional bond with their job. With their presence they stand out in the world.

  • Moon in your 11th House

This is a house of income and gains. These people are cooperative and love to build new relations.

  • Moon in your 12stHouse

These people are blessed with the hidden talent. But being a private and sensitive person, they hardly reveal their talent.

After visiting and consulting an astrologer I learnt how to know a person’s mind if you want to learn the same.

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