Know the True Potential Of An Employee With Online Coding Test

Recruiters often get hundreds of applicants for every job opening—and, likely, more than half of the candidates don’t even meet the basic requirements. The human resource team has to sift through piles of resumes that usually contain false or misleading information. Hiring is particularly tricky when it comes to technical positions, such as programmers. Fortunately, there is a much easier way to filter out bogus applicants: Have them take an online coding test.

Through an online coding test, hiring managers aren’t left to rely on their instinct and “gut feelings.” Rather, they will have a concrete basis for hiring a potential employee. After all, if they cannot pass a basic online coding test, how can they handle the job?

Use it for your hiring process

A reliable online coding test should be able to assess a person’s programming abilities. Apart from that it should also ascertain whether a person can learn quickly and solve problems efficiently. Ideally, the online coding test should take less than an hour or around 30 minutes so that you can streamline the processing of many applicants in a day. Also, this can show the ability of a person to work under pressure.

In the long run, screening potential employees through an online coding test will save your company a lot of money. Hiring a bad employee can cost thousands of dollars. Why? It is because they will end up being unproductive or doing low quality work. Replacing them will also costs money. 

Choose an online coding test provider that specializes in creating challenging tests for programmers at different skill levels. Any test simply will not do. The online coding test should be created and managed by a team of highly-qualified individuals who have helped many other companies hire the right people. They should also have valuable experience in technology. This will translate to the quality of the coding test.

Lastly, your test provider should be able to offer various packages that can suit your company’s budget and needs. Apart from the tests, the package should include customer support. In the end, the online coding test should help you and your company make better choices.

About the Author: 

Wild Noodle Corporation develops educational and recruitment software that provides tools and services for the companies and recruiters to attract and assess the best software developers, predictably and cost-effectively. It does this by running competitions that attract top technical talent, working with companies to promote their brand and job opportunities to the audience, providing quantitative assessments of candidates, and integrating employer feedback with machine learning to better predict job performance and pre-hire. Its Herbert programming challenge has been used successfully with over 10K users on over 200K tests, and its assessment score is proven to be well correlated with job success.

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