Learn Quran with urdu Translation Course specifically designed for non-Arabs. Islam is a comprehensive lifestyle is based on the sacred book called Quran. The Quran defines the rules of justice, law, economy, rules of wars, life in society as well as punishments for criminals and behavior towards parents and many more. Almighty Allah gave this holy text in the form of Quran to His Messenger Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in the Arabic language. This is why it is important for Non-Arabs: the process of learning Quran translation is just as crucial as the study of Quranic Arabic itself. Since the Quran was the Holy Book read in Arabic.


It can be quite difficult for non-Arabs to comprehend the Quran because it’s in a language that is not one they are familiar with. But, translations are readily available in every major language.


Our online translation course has been specifically designed for people who would like to understand the Quran and learn to be able to interpret this Holy Book. So that they can comprehend the meaning behind verses from the Quran. This online training course designed to provide the fundamentals to understand Arabic and its significance. Once the student has developed the basics of Arabic and its meanings. The implications identified in relation to the context within which Quranic verses disclosed.

The Quran Translation learning course, we offer live classes where students will be taught about the meaning behind Quran Translation. Holy Quran with step by step understanding of Arabic Grammar (included in the lessons) and help students identify the letters of that Arabic script.

Our highly skilled tutors will guide students step-by-step with a way that even a child as young as 3 will be able to follow these rules without difficulty and reach an age at which the child is able to comprehend the Quran independently. The course also contains Quranic Arabic and grammar that support in understanding the Quran. After just a few weeks the student can translate around the entire Quranic words.


  • To be able to comprehend the words of God
  • To be aware of”Do’s” and “Don’ts’
  • To build faith
  • To become a true disciple
  • To establish a strong connection to Allah and be aware of the meaning behind your prayers and prayers
  • To ponder in Quran deeply


Quran translation thought to an arduous task for various reasons. One reason is the need to teach precise translations from genuine Islamic writers. This is why QuraOnline has developed its course, as well as our translation online course, which covers these topics:

The students learn the meanings of a specific number of Arabic words each day. At first, a few more words added as they learn. Students also taught the meaning behind the verses word for word and the meaning of every verse clearly taught to the students.

Following reading the translations of verses the participants informed of the meanings of the verses and the words. Our online Quran academy ensures accurate translation. After the completion of this course the student will be in a position to understand the meaning of the Quran and understand the contexts where they revealed as well as the meaning they convey.


Start to learn what is written in the Quran in Arabic In time it is not necessary to depend on  Learn Quran with urdu Translation to comprehend the meaning of what you’re saying. Concentrate more on your Salah since you can comprehend each word instead of just recollecting an unclear translation (or not understanding the meaning)

Learn that which the imam says during the congregational prayer. Stay to the prayer, not letting your thoughts wander off while you are waiting for Takbir.

It is easy to remember more surahs of the Quran because you’ve widened your Quranic vocabulary and become comfortable with how the language works. Arabic language.

Experience a greater, deeper relationship with Allah Almighty whenever you perform a dua in your Quran and Hadiths, because you’re able to comprehend more of the terms you’ve learned.


Quran online offers the most knowledgeable male and female teachers who can help you master the Holy Quran with Urdu Translation online word for word using the fundamental grammar rules. This course will assist you in understanding how to read the Arabic Text in the Quran.

The online Quran academy has had a successful teaching experience that has helped students translate the Quran by using a method that allows every student to learn through the verses and eventually leads to the ultimate goal. Presently, many students are learning how to translate the Quran through our highly skilled instructors. And with the mercy of Allah all of our students pleased by the progress they’re making.

If you’re looking to know Quran translation online QuraOnline is the best platform for you to connect to. The program is based on the latest research and techniques and includes a learning activity. QuraOnline is also able to provide the proper monitoring, reporting, and also a final accreditation for students. 

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