List of Best Business Mobile Plans

Mobile phones let us stay in touch with customers, suppliers and co-workers. They let us check email, make orders, book taxis, check directions to sales meetings. Essentially, mobile phones are vital for any modern business. 

As a small business owner, you know how important it is to keep in touch with your business when on the go, because today’s business travels fast; missing a call or email can mean missing a deal.

In order to get a great price for company mobile phone packages, we have some professional advice to give you. In this article we break down the important facts to know when you’re considering a company mobile plan; we have the info about all of the well-known mobile contract providers, including specifics on their plans, prices and operation.

Business Mobile Providers

Our research found 5 providers that we believe offer the best all-round business mobile packages. For the purposes of this review, we based our rankings on three key factors; cost (and overall value), network coverage and download speeds, and finally, customer service

  • Cost – As your company scales, you need to keep costs under control. As a smart business owner, you realise that price is most important, but also that you must also insist on value for money. A cheap service which is unreliable is worth nothing.
  • Network Coverage – You’re busy and you do not have the patience to wait ages for a file to download. You cannot risk missing the chance to close the del of a lifetime because of poor mobile signal. 
  • Customer Service – With a fantastic business mobile provider, there should be little or no downtime. However, when it comes to your company, you need to know that if things go wrong, your provider will be proactive and dedicated to getting you connected again.

5 of the best business mobile contract companies.

ProviderBest forAverage Price
VodafoneA large selection of business packagesFrom £12 per month
EEBest coverageFrom £19 per month
O2Most flexible payment plansFrom £16 per month
VirginCustomer service£6/month
BTBest overall on average£8/month

Each of these providers will have a variety of different packages available and the right one for you will depend very much on how you run your businesses, how much capital you have and what you mainly use your mobile for, so it is always worth looking into the differences yourself. That said, our best all-rounder for business mobile plans was BT, while they did not come first in any of the three assessment criteria their coverage, costs and customer service was better than the competitors overall.

There are also plans available from smaller local, providers or as part of larger third-party managed IT and telecoms support services. If you need other business technology services in addition to business mobiles there are some great savings to be made by bundling these services together under a single bill.

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