List of Top 20 Home Design Trends one should know

Interior designing is all about following trends. Every now and then something new and the latest interior designing trends come into the market and everyone becomes interested in including those elements in their houses. So, here we have come up with some of the most amazing home interior designing trends of 2021 that is going to make your house look highly appealing:

1 Art pieces: These days, people have become more focused on including art pieces on the walls of their houses for Interior design in bangalore. These pieces of art can make your room look beautiful and luxurious. They will also add a classy feeling to the entire room. You can also use your own paintings for the walls of your room

2 Natural elements: Natural elements like plants and flowers can immediately make your house look beautiful. These days, people are using natural elements like copper, granite,  stones and green plants for decorative purposes. 

3 Metal finishes: Metal items will help you to bring about an organic feel to your entire room. You can also think of new and improved ways by which you can include metal elements in your house.

4 Velvet furniture: Velvet furniture also has the capability of making your room look classy and fashionable. They have got a luxurious touch to them and they will also gain the attention of anyone entering your house.

5 Floral patterns: You can try decorating the walls of your house with floral wallpapers. Floral patterns can also be used in different ways. You can use floral patterns for bedding, cushion covers, etc for your house and they will create a model and refreshing look.

6 Copper accent: Creating a copper accent in your room can give a vintage touch to your entire room. You can also mix copper with other metals to add a sense of freshness. The red and orange tone of copper can make you feel fresh and happy immediately.

7 Bold colour palette: These days people are more interested in using bold colour palettes for the different walls of their house. Colours like bold yellow, dark green and dramatic red can be used for one single wall of your house. People are also using these colours for their living room and dining room.

8 Designer kitchen: Previously people were not much interested in decorating their kitchen. However, nowadays designer kitchens have become an important part of most houses. People are also decorating their kitchens in a beautiful way. They are also using an open concept kitchen for a beautiful and stylish look.

9 Earthy texture: An earthy texture can bring about a feeling of minimalism. It will make you feel calm and peaceful and will also give your entire house a sober look. You can try playing with the colours like rust, cream, white beige and sage.

10 Canopy bed: Canopy beds were really popular during the 1980s and once again they have started gaining popularity. These kinds of beds can give your bedroom a warm and cosy look. They are also available in endless designs

11 Matte finishes: You can include matte finishes in different parts of the room. As compared to high-shine finishes, matte finishes can give an appealing look to the room. People can use matte finishes for shelves, cupboards, etc.

12 Wallpapers: Wallpapers have been in trend for quite a while now. Nowadays, people are using wallpapers for different rooms of their houses including kitchen, bedroom, dining room, bathroom, etc.

13 Mirror works: These days, people are also using mirror works for decorative purposes. You can use a beautiful large mirror for your bedroom. Mirror works are also popular in the dining area. The interior designers are also using mirror works for Interior design in bangalore

14 Black and white decor: The timeless black and white decor is one of the most popular trends of 2021. This black and white decor can create visual contrast and give an extraordinary look to your house.

15 Brass decor: Now it’s time to say goodbye to stainless steel and welcome brass home decor items to your home. Brass can give a subtle and warm look and can bring elegance to the smallest of spaces

16 Vintage lighting: Vintage lighting has also become quite popular these days. You can use vintage lighting for the dining room of your house. It also works great for the verandah and sitting room. 

17 Geometric patterns: Geometric patterns have been in trend for over a year now. Incorporating geometric patterns can give a dramatic effect to your house. It will also help to make a bold statement in any room.

18 Quartz countertops: Quartz countertops have become extremely popular recently. These are practical and elegant and also available in different colours. You can easily use quartz for your kitchen slab, cabinets, etc.

19 Headboards: Although headboards aren’t mandatory yet you can use them to give an elegant touch to your bedroom. Headboards can make your bedroom look large and comfortable. They are also quite elegant and can give you a luxurious feel.

20 Black walls: These days people are also using black for the walls of their houses. Although it isn’t a regular colour, you can use black for a particular room of your house and give it a stylish look.
And these are some of the top design trends for Interior design in bangalore. Do let us know which of these ideas you are going to incorporate in your house.

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