LMS Software

E-KHOOL is an advanced learning management system  which provides learning  information in one place for all types of student & employees, so that the Effective learning is possible at any time anywhere in the world…E-KHOOL  has the Capability to engage, entertain & delight  the learning procedure &  improve their  Interpersonal skills through different  types of modules as Course Friendly, Enterprise Friendly, Customization, Technology friendly & User Friendly  for all required Industries ,Universities &  Academic  Institutions  all over the world to develop themselves  as to grow up well  knowledge  people in the advanced world

Our lms software is an application for the organization that is business to business tool (B2B), which is mainly used for delivering the educational courses,learning programs, development programs, and training programs. Nowadays, the LMS are considered as the major sector in learning systems, which are focused by several corporate markets. Since the concept of LMS is emerged from e-Learning. The LMS presents the classroom management for instructor-led training to deliver and manages all kinds of contents in the form of audio, video, and documents. In this online education system, the LMS consists of a variety of functionality such as a discussion board, instructor facilitated learning, etc.Learning Management Systems improves the learning process, and it is not only delivers the content, but it also handles the course administration, registering courses, tracking, and reporting. LMSs are web based and are used in different educational institutes and companies to develop the classroom teaching, and learning methodology. The online LMS has the ability to deliver the engaging and motivating training, Centralized learning, and Streamlined training process. The training programs are more interactive, and can learn the course from anywhere at any time. The task of LMS varies depending on the organization’s goal, online training policy, and desired outcomes. LMS have built-in with the eLearning authoring tools which allows developing the online training materials. LMS is also considered as a huge repository where the learners can store and track information, and also they can access the online training resources by login with their own id and password. The features of LMSs are, it manages the users, courses, roles, and generates reports. Makes a course calendar, which helps to manage the course activities, Users and trainers send reminders and notifications, including upcoming events. Also, it includes the reports and analytics, Intuitive User Interface, Support Services, E-Learning Assessment Tools, Gamification features, Compliance and Certification Support, Social Learning Support, and Localization. Assessments handle pre/post testing. Certification and employees score display helps in maintaining the training records of the learners, learner’s performance and provide certificates to the learners who have completed the training successfully. The concept of LMS comprises the accessibility, durability reusability, interoperability,maintenance ability and adaptability. Learner’s can learn collaboratively by setting up institution with the LMS software and assists to keep organizations up-to-date with compliance regulations.The LMS may be used to create the professional structured course content, and the tutor can add text, images, tables, links and text formatting, interactive tests, slideshows etc. It helps for the learner’s to access, track the studying progress and engage the learner’s with contact tools.Admin manages the courses and modules, enroll students or set up self-enrollment, see reports on students and import students to their online classes. The process of integrating new features within multiple LMS has become more efficient and teachers may create group discussion to get the students feedback to improve the course interaction.

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