Major Car Maintenance Aspects to Enhance your Car Life

Today, the car has become a necessity rather than being a luxury. Many car owners fear that they need to spend more on maintaining a vehicle. For your machine to run smoothly, regular maintenance service is a necessary and basic act.

The expensive costs linked with an inadequately maintained vehicle will be reduced by regular maintenance. To keep it in proper working condition, every car requires regular maintenance including maintenance of tyres. The basic car maintenance and Car Repair Morecambe measures that will save you from huge repair or garage expenses are explained in this article.

Usually, car maintenance is not a regular activity of every car owner’s life. Mostly, the car is assumed to be in proper condition and the significance of a car service is often ignored by the car owners. Emergency repairing is needed when there is some specific breakdown in your car or it has met with an accident. But, leaving aside emergency repair, your car needs regular maintenance and check-up too to perform efficiently. Regular car maintenance ensures the breakdown of the vehicle and huge repair costs in the future. You will also have to pay fewer premiums for your well-maintained car as you need not claim the insurance for a properly functioning car.

Oil Change

The most crucial car maintenance tip is an oil change at regular intervals of time or use. The time of oil changing is ignored by many car owners. Proper engine maintenance and efficient performance of the car is ensured by oil changes in regular intervals. Major motor and engine issues or engine overheating can be caused by inadequate oil amounts and Old oil, which can be costly to repair. Making your driving experience safe and smooth, can influence various operational aspects of your car.


Many car owners forget about rotating the tyres even though they change the oil periodically. Rotating the tyres consistently is wise. It is suggested by many tyre experts that you must get your tyres rotated every time you get your oil changed if you do so at regular intervals of time. The irregular wearing of your tyre tread is prevented by the Tyre rotations. Otherwise, your car will lean to one side or direction. The tyres form the base of your car and form a connection between the road and our car. Hence, damaged or worn tyres can pose a risk to your life.

Checking and inflating the tyres with recommended pressure is another very simple and neglected car maintenance tip often. The tyre pressure reduces with time and use but it gets reduced faster if there is any defect or leakage in the tyre. Thus, inflating and maintaining the t tyres with the correct amount of pressure is recommended. Very low pressure in the tyres causes fast wearing as the tyre rubber gets rubbed against the road. This can cause tread running and wearing. Dangerous blowouts can be caused by overinflating the tyres, which can be fatal for your life.


Check-ups and tune-ups at regular intervals ensure that you are not stuck with some big issue in your car and a huge repair cost later. This also increases your passing chances of MOT Morecambe. With all the care and maintenance steps you take, your car is still at risk of getting any potential issue or facing an accident when you get into it. This is the reason you must have proper car insurance. Before you drive, you need to be protected whether it’s protecting your health and the value of your car.

  • These tips for car maintenance must be followed:
  • Tyres must be taken proper care of.
  • Oil changes must be done periodically.
  • Proper car insurance
  • Get tune-ups and check-ups done.

The following aspects must be checked at regular intervals besides getting the car inspected for its electric and mechanical parts:

  • Rear and Front wiper blades
  • Exhaust Repair
  • Head units /subwoofers/ Audio system
  • Windows
  • Storage pods and Roof racks
  • Overhead cabin light or headlights Light globes
  • Aerial antenna
  • Baby seats
  • Seat covers
  • Liquid for Windshield cleaning
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