Major things to consider before developing an on-demand beauty service app

The on-demand has impacted the beauty industry and does the service at the user’s doorstep through an app. The system of having beauty services at home or anyone’s choice of a place has simplified this industry greatly with the support of the latest technology. 

Why do we need an app for beauty service?

People are highly concerned about grooming and they prefer visiting parlours in person which is happening for years. Recently, due to lack of time and the pandemic, the beauty industry is shifting its business to serve clients wherever and whenever they demand. The on-demand beauty salon app is just a click away, and there is a broad audience for it; as times are changing, so are the trends.

 It is easy to do things using the web and smart devices these days, with the internet serving an immense impact that includes almost anything to everything.

People tend to get things done without putting much effort and wasting time. Whether it be food or groceries, delivery, or any service, people these days want maximum products and services to deliver right at their doorsteps at their demand.

The latest and the trending one regarding the beauty industry is the on-demand beautician app for salon services.

The idea of an on-demand beauty service app is to pamper the customers with the best services in terms of haircuts, makeup, and other grooming procedures at their homes or places that are convenient.

Consequently, businesses have to develop an app that meets customer’s expectations without any loopholes. Only then can the company withstand for a longer period of time.

Besides, on-demand beauty apps also allow salon owners/businesses to target comparatively larger market size.

  • Using an on-demand beauty service app helps you save money.
  • Users are upgraded with the current offers and discounts with on-demand beauty service apps and allow businesses to have loyal and potential customers through mobile push notifications, a great mobile marketing tool.

How To Initiate For On-Demand Beauty Salon App?

You can enhance your business and reach a wider audience only when you develop an on-demand beautician app with an IT background. Start investing your time and money for app developers and brand influencers, and discuss your business ideas with them.

Depending on the number of features you add to the app, the pricing may vary accordingly. Please do not stop by approaching only one app developer but take many; the developer’s advice and pricing range from more than two companies and choose the best out of it.

Before you approach any developer for developing an app for beauty services, you can go through these standard features that an app should have.

Features Of On-demand Beauty Services App

Your app should have these four types of panel: user panel, salon owner panel, individual beauty expert panel, and admin panel.

  • User panel: Display features such as Signup/Login, Nearby Salons and Services, Book/Schedule appointments, Multiple Payment Options, Rate and Review Services, Order History and Repeat Order, View Subscription Packages, Chat/Call with the stylist, and Track Stylist Roof.
  • Salon Owner panel: Under this panel, you should have Social Signup / Login, Accept/Decline user’s requests, Manage your catalog and price, Create offers and discounts, scheduling stylists, and Track Earnings.
  • Individual beauty expert panel: This will again have Social Signup/Login, Accept/Reject/Reschedule user request, Manage calendar, List services, and prices, Make offers and discounts, Track payments, Chat/call with users, In-app Navigation and User location tracking.
  • Admin panel: This is a high-security panel that should contain options such as Manage User, Stylist and Beauty Salons, Approve or Reject Stylist Registration Request, Real-time Reports, and Analytics, Giving various coupons and offers, Managing the payment and other activities. 

Apart from the features mentioned above, you can add any other new feature that makes you stand unique from your competitors.

In the app’s user side, include features such as login and sign-up screens. Additionally, add a range of other features on the on-demand beauty service application’s user side. Features around-

Enabling them to view various services

Regardless of the on-demand beauty salon software, the app should provide the consumers with the view and schedule service feature to book.

Updated beauty package notification

Have a dedicated beauty package section in the application where users can view the services’ specifications in a beauty package format rather than an individual product.

Booking appointments

Create an app to enable users to view the services within the application leading them to a section where they can book the appointment according to their schedule and give an option to choose the payment module.

Payments made easier

A primary facility for your on-demand beauty salon app should be an in-app payment. It majorly helps the users the ease of paying in advance for the appointment. It should give an option for your users to make digital payments once the services are in use.

Review section

With an on-demand beauty service app, the power of rating and feedback is highly beneficial for other users to know about the service’s quality. It holds as real as it does for different products and services. They should offer feedback and recommendations on the beauty service app with the option of seeing how others judged the experts.

Viewing history bookings

This feature must provide users with the possibility of displaying their booking history-date, service, price, etc. Enable the option of repeating the booking and contacting the same beauty expert again.


It should provide users with the possibility of calling and messaging beauty service providers to ask about their deals. Give users an option to place calls from inside the app because the success relies on providing on-time service in an app by being there for your customers when and when they need you.