Mandatory Features to Have While Building a Food-delivery App like Uber Eats

Food delivery apps are increasingly getting popular in the UberEats Clone food industry.

Not many would like to give orders over the phone. Some things have changed over time. Furthermore, during holidays, there are high chances for many places to get crowded, and customers may have to wait for hours. 

So, they would like to look at the best home delivery service app alternatively and get the foods delivered to their respective places. We firmly believe that this could be one of the reasons for the high demand for such app-based food delivery options.

But here, being a user, we would like to share our thoughts. The advantage of using a food delivery mobile application benefits the consumers and sellers. These UberEats Clone apps also help sellers in many ways by online presence and customer’s satisfaction and their feedback.

Many are being benefited by using food delivery apps. They are,

  1. Businesses (Hotels, Restaurants)
  2. Customers
  3. Employees

You may wonder how the above given are benefitted. I will explain each point in detail and will help you understand the importance of developing a food delivery app.


Having food delivery apps like Zomato, Swiggy, UberEats help businesses reach specified ROI.

Every hotel and restaurant wants their business to have profit, and most of their success lies in not just getting an expected gain but also in retaining customers. The food delivery app makes their dream come true.

It helps businesses to increase their sales. For example, if a user notices an offer on their mobile while placing an order, then the likelihood of them ordering varieties of food through the UberEats Clone mobile app increases substantially.

An app will help them in minimizing the issues faced between customers and sellers, resulting in the seller focusing on his business and productivity.

They can easily get to know the customer demand. Using these apps help businesses easily scale the needs and wants of customers.

Food delivery apps help businesses reach a wider target audience so they can expand and serve their customers better.

An important point here is that these apps are mostly focused on young audiences.

With apps, businesses get to know their customers better as they get crucial data such as email, contact number, address, their taste and preferences, and so on. These data help to increase the sales.

Having food delivery apps are always beneficial for businesses as they can keep their customers informed on their order status and other relevant information with features such as push notifications. These practices have been confirmed to enhance brand recognition.


In this digital world, every single person existing prefers using UberEats Clone mobile apps. Whether it is adding the cost of that expensive product to your weekly budget, one thing is clear that apps have become an integral part of everyone’s life.

Food delivery apps made the process of ordering and delivering food at the doorstep extremely easy.

Firstly, customers can order food of their choice from any restaurant or hotel without any restrictions. Customers don’t have to go in person and get their meals; rather, their food will be delivered on time to their respective places by delivery people.

Customers can keep an eye on the whereabouts of the food through a GPS map right on the mobile screen, and customers are given total freedom to share their valuable feedback via the mobile app.

‘I would like to share my personal experience where one of my friend’s grandfather was ill and got admitted to the hospital. He didn’t like the hospital’s canteen food so he requested his grand-daughter to order food online from his favorite restaurant. Long story short, he spent his days in the hospital without any problem in getting food because the food was delivered to his respective place.’

Similarly, many bachelors and employees are also highly benefited from using food delivery apps, and their food cravings are being fulfilled even amid rain.

Nowadays, everyone wants their daily food items to be delivered at their doorstep. The technology saves them time and vitality of a human. Reasons why people like using online food delivery apps are-

  • It saves time and cost, as mentioned earlier.
  • The online menu gives an option for the user to select from various restaurants.
  • The app offers various payment options like a debit card, net banking, and COD.
  • Offers – It not only attracts users but also promotes the restaurant.
  • People prefer using an online food delivery service because of the vast food choices and delivery service.


The advantages of online UberEats Clone food delivery facilitated customers to order food and also enabled food providers to keep operating even during the pandemic.

Online Food Delivery has provided employment opportunities for many youths. Students also earn money and meet their educational expenses by doing a part-time food delivery job.

Besides, the online food delivery industry has been supportive of companies involved in the distribution of food packages that make, sell, or service electric bicycles and companies involved in the making and distribution of food packaging. The large online food delivery platforms employ many thousands of workers to work as delivery people.

Without a doubt, the online food delivery industry has provided many jobs, especially in the delivery sector.

Delivery people provided their service even during the pandemic period for people at home.

Considering how everyone is benefited from using this technology, it is unavoidable to have these features while developing an app.

Before developing a food ordering app, there are certain features you need to know to build an app for your food business.


Using a food delivery app becomes easier when there is a push notification.

Having push notifications is one of the best marketing tools to enhance the app, and initially, push notifications were used to let the user know if their order was ready or was about to arrive. However, with time the utility of push notifications has also changed by providing information about their latest usable promo codes, offers, discounts, location-based orders, and so on.

Try to manage and send push notifications constantly in a way that improves your UberEats Clone business app.

Ensure in your on-demand food ordering app that your notifications must add value to the users rather than a normal notification.

Keep your customers updated and continuously update them about special offers and discounts that pave the way to gain customer’s attention.


Understand who your customers are and try to include filters like having different varieties of food because there are many who use the food-delivery application only to order a specific kind of food.

Moreover, do include features that allow them to choose the latest offers with free delivery. This will let users find what they need in less time.

For example, if a user wants Chinese food at an affordable price and wants it to be delivered within 30 minutes, then enable them to find all of it with your filter system.


One of the first reasons why a customer may be more interested in ordering online than dining in is that they’ve had a hectic and a long day and just want to go home. It is easier for them to have the food delivered and get over the day that they had by being able to stop by for a food pickup.

People choose to order food online instead of making a phone call to give orders to keep their data safe. Therefore ensure to keep their information confidential.

To ensure a better customer experience, include as many payment options as available. For instance, many generally prefer to use debit cards. We can use online payment processors like COD, UPI, Net banking, etc.


Almost all users will immediately check for ratings and reviews while ordering their food online. So know what your customer wants as every business cares for its customers. Out of all features, one of the must-have on your UberEats Clone app is reviews and ratings with feedback.

Also, this feature allows your customers to rate and review various other restaurants on the app. It helps businesses to know the customer’s response to your app.


Do not hesitate to invest in a custom-built website to get started. Because search engines like Google can read your website and help you put on the list of searches.

Make sure you focus on creating a unique, attractive, and social media-friendly website that helps you to be easily featured by search engines when searched. Also, include social sharing buttons to your website, which will give you increased visibility.


One of the main features of food delivery apps is tracking their food’s location through real-time GPS. It helps to track the user’s location to deliver the food at the destined place. Users can also easily track the whereabouts of the delivery person.


Many companies are opting for mobile app development for UberEats Clone food delivery. Developing food delivery apps helped and enabled everyone like users who receive food at their doorstep anytime, hotels/restaurant’s business also improved amid any situation like during pandemic, rain, etc.

Since the business of online food delivery apps is skyrocketing, having these features will help even more to scale your business with the current market trends.

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